NVIDIA Tesla S870 GPU Computing System

NVIDIA® Tesla™ 1U computing system is the first to bring a massively multi-threaded architecture to high performance computing (HPC) applications for scientists, analysts and other technical professionals.

The Tesla S870 is a slim 1U form factor to fit into an enterprise server environment. In addition, it easily scales to solve the most complex, data-intensive HPC problems.

Featuring four 128-processor computing core GPUs, a C-language development environment for the GPU, a suite of developer tools, and the world's largest GPU ISV development community, the Tesla S870 allows professionals to develop applications faster and to deploy them across multiple generations of processors.

The Tesla S870 is used in tandem with multi-core CPU systems to create a flexible computing solution that fits seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure.

Technical Specifications
Product Tesla S870
Form Factor Standard 19" 1U rack-mount chassis
# of GPUs 4
Total Dedicated Memory 6 GB (1.5 GB GDDR3 per GPU)
Floating Point Precision IEEE 754 single-precision floating point
Power 550W typ. (800W max), 100-240 VAC Autosensing
Host Adapter Card PCI Express x16 or x8, Small Form Factor, Passive (10W)