NVIDIA Preface

Learn more about the new NVIDIA PREFACE platform for Windows Sideshow.

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Preface and a laptop Imagine being able to check an address or read an email, or listen to your iTunes playlist without having to boot up your entire PC. NVIDIA® Preface™ is a technology platform designed with this kind of functionality in mind.

The NVIDIA Preface technology enables a secondary display that gives users access to information from their notebook or PC through the new Windows Sideshow platform, a new feature of Windows Vista, even when the main system is powered down. Since the Preface platform is so power-efficient, it can run for hundreds of hours without draining your battery, providing “Always On” access to your data and multimedia content. ASUS and LG have recently announced notebooks with NVIDIA Preface built into the lid.

Even when a Preface-enabled notebook is turned off or on stand-by you can see in the secondary display:

  • intelligent organization with access to calendars, e-mails, addresses, travel itineraries, movie show times, alerts and more
  • the ability to play games, enjoy music, and share pictures
  • longer battery life for improved productivity
  • a way to personalize your notebook, making it uniquely yours

The Preface display is the first thing you see on your notebook, and provides a window to view you what you want, when you want it.

In addition to the ability to embed the Preface in a notebook lid, the Preface technology can also be seamlessly designed into existing devices and lifestyle items, such as:

  • Preface Credit-card sized Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Gaming companion devices
  • Media center sideshow-enabled remote controls with Bluetooth
  • Backpacks, carrying cases, wallets and clothing

So whatever the form factor or hosting device, customers will have access to their information via Windows SideShow while away from their computer or on the move.

Preface Gadgets and Applications
NVIDIA is working hand in hand with Microsoft® to proliferate SideShow technology to the Vista gadget developer ecosystem, providing support for the design of SideShow-enabled gadgets that extend applications beyond the every day desktop computing environment – all with high power efficiency. In addition to gadgets, Preface supports “native” applications that take advantage of rich media capabilities. Below is a list of example gadgets and other mini-applications that can be used on the Preface platform: 

News Feed Gadget
Weather Watcher
System Stats
Music Player
Audio Decode – MP3, WMA, WAV
Post Processing – EQ and other special effects

Productivity Tools

World Clock, Date, Time, Alarm
Stop Watch
Lid Closed System and Application Control
Photo and Video Playback
NVIDIA Photo Slide Show
Video Decode – JPEG, MJPEG
NVIDIA Video Player
Windows Media Player

System Intelligence

User Name / Information
System Information Model Number
Serial Number
OEM Support
Technical Contact Information
System Functions (On, Off, Hibernate, Standby, Suspend)
Updated System State
Battery Facts (Serial Number, Charges, Condition, etc.)
Notebook Power and Connectivity Status
Password / Screen Lock support
Language Settings
Theme Settings