Features & Benefits


Full 128-Bit Precision Graphics Pipeline
Enables sophisticated mathematical computations to maintain high accuracy, resulting in unmatched visual quality. Full IEEE 32-bit floating-point precision per color component (RGBA) delivers millions of color variations with the broadest dynamic range.

Next-Generation Vertex & Pixel Programmability
Enables real-time shaders to simulate a wide range of physical effects (such as fresnel effects, chromatic dispersion, reflection, refraction, etc.), and surface properties (such as casting effects, porosity, molded surfaces, etc.).


Frame Lock

Genlock/Frame lock Extensions
NVIDIA provides a set of SDI API extensions for Linux and Windows, enabling applications to take maximum advantage of the hardware's capabilities.

 12-Bit Subpixel Precision
3x that of the nearest competitive workstation graphics, 12-bit sub-pixel precision delivers high geometric accuracy, eliminating sparkles, cracks, and other rasterization anomalies.

 Full-Scene Antialiasing (FSAA)
Up to 16x FSAA dramatically reduces visual aliasing artifacts or “jaggies” at resolutions up to 1920x1200, resulting in highly realistic scenes.

 High-Performance Display Outputs
400MHz RAMDACs and dual DVI digital connectors drive the highest resolution digital displays available on the market.

NVIDIA's patented single-system powerwall technology allows any application to be projected on a dual-channel powerwall with sophisticated edge blending in order to achieve uniform luminosity. Powerwall works transparently with any application. This feature is supported in the NVIDIA Quadro FX 4400G, 4000, 3400, 3000G, 3000, and 1100 models.