The Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA) is the industry’s first open-standard PC monitoring and control protocol for real-time communication and control of system thermal, electrical, acoustic and operating characteristics.

ESA-certified components and applications allow enthusiasts and power users to diagnose component-specific issues and tune their systems to meet their individual needs—whether it be reaching peak performance or modifying for a whisper-quiet home theater operation.

With ESA, PC and component manufacturers can deliver differentiated and value-added products, giving their customers unprecedented visibility and control over their systems and allowing them to achieve the highest possible performance.

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Specifications & certifications

ESA Specification 1.0
This document specifies how information is communicated back and forth between the ESA-compliant device and host software application. The specification is used by component suppliers and application developers.

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ESA Certification Process
The ESA certification program ensures cross compatibility between ESA-certified devices as well as seamless device integration and operation. Look for the ESA logo for certified components.

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Certification Requirements
This document outlines the minimum feature requirements an ESA device must meet. All ESA-certified components meet the requirements.

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ESA Partners
This is a list of all partners and adopters of the technology.

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ESA-Certified Products
This is a list of all ESA-certified components. All certified components have the ESA logo. Look for the ESA logo for certified products.

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