NVIDIA nForce Professional

NVIDIA nForce Professional Powers Sun Microsystems Servers and Workstations

NVIDIA nForce® Professional core-logic solutions have been selected to power new x64 platforms from Sun Microsystems, including servers such as the Sun Fire™ X2100 M2, Sun Fire X2200 M2, Sun Fire X4600, and the Sun Blade™ 8000, as well as the Sun Ultra™ 20 M2 Workstation.

Sun's newest products featuring NVIDIA nForce Professional

Sun Blade 8000 Sun Blade 8000 Modular System
The Sun Blade 8000 modular system is the only system designed specifically for high-end x86 computing that delivers the best of both worlds: the performance, price and flexibility of rackmount servers, and the serviceability and efficiency of blades.
Sun Ultra 20 Sun Ultra 20 Workstation Family
The Sun Ultra 20 workstation family includes the Sun Ultra 20 and the Sun Ultra 20 M2 workstation. Both workstations are multi-platform, provide blazing x64 performance, support 32-bit/64-bit applications, and come preloaded with award-winning, enterprise-class development software.
Sun Fire X2100 Sun Fire X2100 Server Family
The Sun Fire X2100 server family includes the Sun Fire X2100 and Sun Fire X2100 M2 servers. It is the leading price/performance two-way x64 server for customers seeking a high performance and energy efficient solution.
Sun Fire X2200 Sun Fire X2200 M2 Server
The Sun Fire X2200 server is the best performing and most energy efficient 4-way, 1U x64 server on the market. With up to twice the memory capacity and network connectivity, it enables users to do more with less - carry out heavy workloads or process large data sets.
Sun Fire X4600 Sun Fire X4600 Server
The Sun Fire X4600 Server is the industry's only 4U x64 server expandable to 16-way in a single chassis that enables the data center to be much more efficient, cost effective, and flexible, while supporting current and future enterprise and high performance applications.

Other Sun Products Featuring NVIDIA nForce Professional

Sun Grid Rack System Sun Grid Rack System
Agile deployment, higher quality, and easier management: the Sun Grid Rack System gives you a ready-to-deploy integrated system with Sun x64 servers, networking options and grid-ready software, delivered in a Sun rack.
Sun Ultra 40 Workstation Sun Ultra 40 Workstation
With the Sun Ultra 40 workstation, you can run 64-bit and 32-bit applications at the same time on a choice of operating systems: Solaris 10, Linux, or Microsoft Windows.
Sun Fire X4100 Sun Fire X4100 Server
The Sun Fire X4100 server is the fastest, energy-efficient, and reliable one-way to four-way x64 1 RU rack server available.
Sun Fire X4200 Sun Fire X4200 Server
The Sun Fire X4200 server is the fastest, reliable, and expandable one-way to four-way server in its class.
Sun Fire X4500 Sun Fire X4500 Server
By integrating state-of-the-art server and storage technologies, the Sun Fire X4500 Server delivers the remarkable performance of a four-way x64 server and the highest storage density available, with up to 24 TB in 4U of rack space.