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NVIDIA nForce - Features & Benefits
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  NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI NVIDIA nForce
680i LT SL
650i SLI
650i Ultra
Extreme Overclocking Best Good Good Good
Supports 1333 MHz CPUs checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
NVIDIA SLI Technology 2 x16 or 3-way 2 x16 2 x8
ESA Support checkmark        
NVIDIA System Monitor checkmark        
SLI-Ready Memory with EPP checkmark checkmark    
Third PCIe Slot for Graphics Expansion checkmark checkmark    
NVIDIA DualNet Technology checkmark checkmark    
NVIDIA Native Gigabit Ethernet 2 2 1 1 1
NVIDIA FirstPacket Technology checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
NVIDIA MediaShield Storage checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
DualDDR2 Memory Architecture checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
High Definition Audio checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
USB 2.0 checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark

Engineered for Enthusiasts
NVIDIA nForce® 680i SLI™ media and communications processors (MCPs) deliver the tools and performance PC enthusiasts demand. Experience enhanced system performance by combining up to three NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics cards with NVIDIA® SLI™ technology. With select SLI-Ready memory with EPP you get automatic access to special memory performance. Be ready for system overclocking and greater data throughput.

Engineered for the Extreme Gamer
NVIDIA nForce® 680i LT SLI™ MCPs deliver the same award-winning NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI performance at a great price, Featuring true dual x16 PCI Express slots, support for NVIDIA SLI™ technology, and substantial overclocking capabilities, the NVIDIA nForce 680i LT SLI is the ideal platform for an extreme gaming system.

Power for High-Performance SLI Gaming
NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI MCPs provide features designed with the gamer in mind. With NVIDIA SLI technology, you can combine two NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards for scalable graphics performance and take advantage of NVIDIA® FirstPacket™ technology to prioritize your gaming traffic. Be ready for system overclocking and greater data throughput.

Power for High-Performance Gaming
NVIDIA nForce 650i Ultra MCPs provide features designed with the gamer in mind. Take advantage of NVIDIA FirstPacket technology to prioritize your gaming traffic and be the 'King of Ping'.

Latest Technology for Entry PCs
NVIDIA nForce 630i MCPs deliver uncompromised features with integrated Gigabit Ethernet for top networking performance, support for 1333 FSB CPUs, DDR2-800 memory, high-bandwidth SATA storage, and full PCI Express x16 slot for expandability and additional performance.

Extreme Overclocking
Unleash the underlying hardware to push the limits on front side bus (FSB) speed, the nForce 600i series is designed for overclocking. *Feature not available on nForce 630i

Overclocked FSB Speeds
Through overclocking, the nForce 600i series can deliver FSB speeds well beyond specification. The front side bus (FSB) in the nForce 600i series is specified to run at 1333MHz to support existing and future FSB speeds. Through overclocking, however, the nForce 600i series can deliver FSB speeds well beyond specification*. Get the headroom today for overclocking and/or future FSB speeds.
* While NVIDIA technology will provide FSB speeds beyond spec, the processor must be capable of this speed.

Extreme DDR2 Speeds
nForce 680i SLI MCPs support high-speed SLI-Ready memory of DDR2-1200 and beyond to keep pace with overclocked system components.

Comprehensive overclocking tools
Award-winning NVIDIA overclocking tools provide a complete kit of tools giving everyone from the most veteran enthusiast to the novice overclocker the ability to unleash the hardware in their PC. *Feature not available on nForce 630i

NVIDIA Control Panel – Performance Group
Now with access to more settings from this Windows-based utility. Adjust CPU and memory speeds without rebooting. Access to most BIOS settings from inside Windows. Save and automatically load profiles for each application you run.*Feature not available on nForce 630i

NVIDIA System Monitor
A new 3D application for seamless monitoring of PC component characteristics. Its unique and intuitive architecture is the ultimate foundation for delivering optimized system, thermal, and acoustic performance of your NVIDIA nForce based PC and ESA certified components.

NV BIOS delivers easy-to-use tuning to let you have full control over your hardware including processor voltage tables and memory drive strengths. *Feature not available on nForce 630i

Support for CPUs with 1333 MHz front side bus
NVIDIA nForce 600i Series motherboards support CPUs with 1333 MHz front side bus, giving you the flexibility to build PCs with today and tomorrow’s CPUs.

Designed for NVIDIA SLI technology
NVIDIA SLI technology is a revolutionary platform innovation that allows users to intelligently scale graphics performance by combining multiple NVIDIA graphics solutions in a single system with an nForce SLI MCP.
Available on nForce 680i SLI, nForce 680i LT SLI MCP and nForce 650i SLI MCPs

3-Way SLI™ technology
nForce 680i SLI MCPs support 3-way SLI technology, providing up to 2.8x performance increase to play the latest next generation games at mind-blowing framerates and resolutions when paired with three NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX or GeForce 8800 Ultra graphics cards.

True 2 x16 PCI Express SLI Support
nForce 680i SLI MCPs and nForce 680i LT SLI MCPs feature two full-bandwidth, 16-lane PCI Express links ensuring maximum graphics performance for next-generation GPUs and games.

NVIDIA SLI-Ready Memory with EPP
nForce 680i SLI MCP and nForce 680i LT SLI MCP automatically increases bandwidth when select SLI Certified memory modules are detected.

NVIDIA SLI Certified Components
Look for other components including GeForce GPUs and system memory that have been certified by NVIDIA to deliver unmatched performance with nForce motherboards. For more information on SLI Certified components, visit

Support for ESA
Provides real-time and complete PC performance management. Tested by a comprehensive certification program for system compatibility and reliability, ESA-certified components and applications bring you unprecedented control to manage and tune thermal, electrical, acoustic and operating characteristics to maximize your PC’s performance.

Third PCIe Slot for Graphics Expansion
Make sure your rig is ready for the future. nForce 680i SLI MCPs and nForce 680i LT SLI MCPs feature a third PCIe slot that can be used for new three GPU applications or a PCIe card of your choice.

DualDDR2 Memory Architecture
A state-of-the-art DualDDR2 memory controller allows high bandwidth and low latency data access to the CPU and GPU. Ensures data and information are relayed through the system as quickly as possible for incredible performance. *Feature not available on nForce 630i

NVIDIA MediaShield™ Storage
Suite of features that safeguards your most important digital media assets; always reliable, scalable, and accessible. Includes RAID and SATA drive support.

Multiple Disk Setup
Through a simple wizard-based interface, you can effortlessly set up your drives for better data protection, faster disk access or maximum storage capacity. MediaShield automatically selects RAID 0, 1, 0+1 or 5 configuration according to your needs. Advanced users can access RAID options directly.

DiskAlert System
The event of a disk failure, MediaShield users see an image that highlights which disk has failed to make it easier to identify, replace, and recover.

RAID Morphing
MediaShield allows users to change their current RAID set-up to another configuration in a one-step process called morphing. This eliminates the need to back up data and follow multiple steps in the process.

Bootable Multidisk Array
MediaShield storage fully supports the use of multi-disk array for loading the operating system at power-up.

SATA 3Gb/s Drives
Combine up to six SATA drives into one volume for bigger, faster RAID using nForce 680i SLI MCPs and nForce 680i LT SLI MCPs. nForce 650i SLI and nForce 650i ultra allow you to combine up to four SATA drives. More drives mean more configuration options such as six RAID 0 (striped) drives for maximum throughput, or Dual RAID 5 arrays. Take advantage of the latest SATA 3Gb/s hard disk drives with full support for native and tagged command queuing and hot plug. Native command queuing provides higher disk performance in a multi-threaded environment by performing out-of-order disk accesses.

Networking with NVIDIA nForce
NVIDIA networking delivers the highest network throughput at the lowest CPU utilization. The manageable and stable NVIDIA networking solution results in better networking management and a lower total cost of ownership. Only NVIDIA integrates this level of networking features to allow you to take your online experience to the next level.

NVIDIA Native Gigabit Ethernet
The industry's fastest Gigabit Ethernet performance eliminates network bottlenecks and improves overall system efficiency and performance.

NVIDIA FirstPacket technology
Be the 'King of Ping' with NVIDIA FirstPacket technology. Get the crystal-clear phone conversations and online gaming performance you expect. NVIDIA FirstPacket technology assures your game data, VoIP conversations, and large file transfers are delivered according to preferences set by you in an intuitive wizard. *Feature not available on nForce 630i

NVIDIA DualNet® technology
Get Double-Barrel Gigabit Ethernet with two integrated networking connections on your nForce 680i MCP and nForce 680i LT SLI MCP.

Dual Gigabit Ethernet with Teaming
Teaming allows the two connections to work together to provide up to twice the Ethernet bandwidth for transferring large amounts of data from home file servers to other PCs. It also provides network redundancy through fail-over capability.
Available on nForce 680i SLI MCPs and nForce 680i LT SLI MCPs.

TCP/IP Acceleration
Delivers the highest system performance by offloading CPU-intensive packet filtering tasks in hardware, providing users with a PC networking environment that is faster.
Available on nForce 680i SLI MCPs and nForce 680i LT SLI MCPs.

High Definition Audio (HDA)
High definition audio brings consumer electronics quality sound to the PC delivering high quality sound from multiple channels. Using HDA, systems can deliver 192 kHz/32-bit quality for eight channels, supporting new audio formats.

USB 2.0
A standard plug-and-play interface that provides easy-to-use connectivity for USB devices.