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NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra
  The Ultimate Platform for Single-GPU Desktop PCs

NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra-based PCs feature the latest PCI-Express™ bus technology and deliver top performance, feature-rich multimedia computing, and security protection for the most demanding PC users.
nForce4 Ultra Specifications
 PCI Express Support Yes
 SATA Support 3 Gb/s
 NVIDIA ActiveArmor Yes
 NVIDIA Gigabit Ethernet Yes
  The unique single-chip, low latency architecture of the NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra MCPs offer one of the industry’s best core-logic solutions with outstanding performance and the latest technologies—PCI Express, secure high-speed networking, and high-performance storage—and ensures that your PC stays ready for the newest games, future applications, and next-generation PC specifications.

Key Features
PCI Express for the latest graphics and expansion cards
Designed to run with the next-generation PCI Express graphics cards and other devices. Includes one x16 PCI Express graphics slot and three x1 PCI Express expansion slots. This new, high-performance bus delivers over 4GBps in both upstream and downstream data transfers.


NVIDIA ActiveArmor NVIDIA ActiveArmor™ - Umatched security
Dedicated hardware-based secure networking engine that protects your PC from hackers and spyware the minute it is turned on and filters out any unauthorized or suspicious traffic. Protects against a wide range of attacks including IP-spoofing and ARP cache poisoning. Easy to set up and fast to configure, ActiveArmor offers remote secure access, monitoring, and configuration for management. Additionally, ActiveArmor protects your desktop PC while you browse the Web, play online games, or share files acrosff a network at full Gigabit Ethernet speeds.

NVIDIA RAID NVIDIA MediaShield™ - Advanced storage with RAID technology
Unique support for four SATA and four ATA-133 drives. RAID 0, RAID 1, and RAID 0+1 support, enabling fast disk data transfers. Allows RAID arrays across both SATA and PATA hard drives and provides advanced features like the NVIDIA disk alert system that immediately alerts you if a drive fails, and dedicated spare disks that will automatically rebuild if a failed hard drive is detected.

Gigabit Ethernet Faster download and transfer times with NVIDIA Gigabit Ethernet
Delivers the one of the highest throughputs for fast network transfers and lowers CPU utilization. Runs 10/100/1000 Ethernet up to full Gigabit speeds. TCP/IP task offloading eliminates network bottlenecks and improves overall system efficiency and performance.

NVIDIA nTune NVIDIA nTune™ - Optimized PC Performance
Enables one of the safest and easiest ways to optimize PC performance. Faster than tuning by hand, get optimal settings for bus speeds, HyperTransport, memory timings, CPU registers, fans, and voltages in a safe, easy-to-use Microsoft® Windows® interface. nTune provides the ability to overclock system settings without entering the BIOS or changing hardware jumpers.