Features & Benefits


NVIDIA® MediaShield™ Storage
Suite of features that safeguards your most important digital media assets; always reliable, scalable, and accessible. Includes RAID and drive support.

MediaShield RAID support
Provides a simple point and click wizard-based interface for creating and managing multi-disk storage configurations. Allows multi-disk designs to be set up for automatic data protection, while also providing faster disk access and adding storage capacity (RAID5), for maximum performance (RAID 0), for data protection (RAID 1), or for a combination of both performance and protection (RAID 0+1). Also allows RAID volumes to be converted from one configuration to another with a single operation. Uniquely allows users to assign an extra disk to any RAID volume so that should a disk failure occur, MediaShield RAID will automatically remove the failed disk and replace it with the spare.

SATA 3Gb/s
Doubles bus bandwidth and provides blazingly high disk performance. Take advantage of the latest SATA-2 3Gb/s hard disk drives with full support for native and tagged command queuing, and for hot plug. Native command queuing provides higher disk performance in a multi-threaded environment by performing out-of-order disk accesses.

ActiveArmor Firewall
ActiveArmor Firewall protects your PC from intruders by filtering unauthorized traffic. Integrated into NVIDIA nForce4 MCPs, it provides professional-grade traffic inspection capabilities, ‘instant-on’ protection, advanced management features—remote access, configuration, and monitoring—and is easy to use and setup via a user friendly wizard.

NVIDIA Native Gigabit Ethernet
The industry’s fastest Gigabit Ethernet performance eliminates network bottlenecks and improves overall system efficiency and performance.

NVIDIA SLI™ – Blazing 3D Graphics and Gaming Performance
Dramatically boosts graphics and gaming performance by unleashing the full potential of two NVIDIA SLI-Ready graphics cards. Only supported in the NVIDIA nForce4 SLI, SLI XE and SLI x16 MCPs..

PCI Express Support
Designed to run with the next-generation PCI Express graphics cards and other devices. This bus delivers over 4GBps in both upstream and downstream data transfers.

Two SLI-Ready PCI Express Slots – Maximum Expandability
Two SLI-Ready PCI Express slots allow you to use two graphics cards or one SLI-Ready PCI Express graphics card and any storage, networking, or multimedia add-on cards (PCI Express x1, x4, x8 cards) for unmatched expandability. Only supported in the NVIDIA nForce4 SLI, SLI XE, and SLI x16 MCPs.

NVIDIA nTune Performance Application
Enables one of the safest and easiest ways to automatically optimize your PC. nTune automatically detects the application running and dynamically optimizes the PC settings. Faster than tuning by hand, nTune delivers optimal settings for bus speeds, HyperTransport, memory timings, CPU registers, fans, and voltages in a safe, easy-to-use Microsoft® Windows® interface. Provides the ability to overclock system settings without entering the BIOS or changing hardware jumpers.

High Definition Audio (HDA)
High definition audio brings consumer electronics quality sound to the PC delivering high quality sound from multiple channels. Using HDA, systems can deliver 192 kHz/32-bit quality for eight channels, supporting new audio formats. Supported on NVIDIA nForce®4 SLI XE and NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra Intel Edition MCPs only.