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  • NVIDIA nForce Platform Processors

    The NVIDIA nForce and NVIDIA nForce2 platform processing architectures revolutionizes traditional motherboard architectures and provide new levels of performance and functionality to the AMD-based desktop PC market through the IGP, SPP and MCP platform processors.

  • NVIDIA SoundStorm

    Combined with the APU, NVIDIA SoundStorm(TM) audio provides Dolby Digital 5.1 encoding and connections for headphones; front left and right, and rear left and right speakers; a center channel; and subwoofer connection.

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NVIDIA nForce2


With the first- and second-generation
NVIDIA® nForce2 platform processors, NVIDIA has revolutionized desktop PC performance for gaming, home and home office, and business users. From enthusiasts who demand blistering performance to the mainstream users looking for a complete digital media experience to corporate users who require scalability, functionality, and versatile display capabilities—nForce delivers. Look for both AMD-based PCs and motherboard solutions powered by an NVIDIA nForce2 platform.

Introducing the NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400Gb and NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400R
The NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400Gb features the award-winning NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400 paired with the most feature-rich, highest performance media and communications processor (MCP) available—the NVIDIA nForce2 Gigabit MCP. The new NVIDIA nForce2 Gigabit MCP delivers industry-leading Gigabit Ethernet performance, advanced NVIDIA Firewall technology for critical system security, Serial ATA (SATA), and easy to use NVIDIA RAID technology.

NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400R delivers the same SATA and NVIDIA RAID technology to the mainstream by combining NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400 with the new NVIDIA nForce2 RAID MCP. Mainstream users will be able to take advantage of SATA hard drives and RAID technology to either increase performance, add automatic data and operating system back-up, or both.

NVIDIA nForce2 unleashes blistering system performance and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio for today's most demanding users. Combine it with an NVIDIA-based performance graphics card, and you've got a PC for the most tricked-out performance and immersive gaming environments ever experienced on a desktop PC.
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The scalable and reliable NVIDIA nForce2 platform processors give today's AMD-based desktop PCs the overall performance, integrated functionality, streamlined management features, and versatile multi-display capabilities needed for the most advanced desktop and application management.
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NVIDIA nForce Platform Processors Bring Power to Sony VAIO Desktop PCs
LONDON — October 30, 2002— NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), the worldwide leader in visual processing solutions, today announced that its NVIDIA nForce(tm) platform processors were chosen by Sony Electronics Inc. for inclusion in Sony's new VAIO® desktop digital media PCs.

NVIDIA nForce2 Platform Processors Now in Production
LONDON – OCTOBER 1st, 2002 – NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), the worldwide leader in visual processing solutions, today announced that its NVIDIA(r) nForce TM 2 platform processors are now in production and that final silicon has been delivered to the company's extensive list of motherboard partners in preparation for the introduction of nForce2-based solutions into the channel and retail markets later this month.

NVIDIA nForce2 Platform Processors Take PC Gaming to the Extreme
LONDON - OCTOBER 1st, 2002 - NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), the worldwide leader in visual processing solutions, today announced that its NVIDIA® nForce TM 2 platform processors are primed and ready to take advantage of the increased speeds enabled by the new AMD Athlon XP 2800+ processor with 333MHz frontside bus memory technology. (nForce2 - 1/10/02)
NVIDIA waited for the offical launch of the NFORCE2 solution until AMD had there 333 Bus solution ready, for whatever reasons it has been waiting until now. Partners have been working with NVIDIA for many months and readying their solutions even using older silicon to what we have here now. (nForce2 - 26/10/02)
On the 21st of August I took a look at Athlon XP2600+. A 266MHz front side bus processor (133MHz DDR bus, 16x multiplier), we found it to be equivalent of a 2.53GHz Pentium 4.