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nForce3 Go150


Powering the Digital Media Experience

The digital media revolution is here. Consumers are increasingly using their PCs to create, edit, and share digital content on the go. They want the power of a desktop PC with the convenience of mobility and long battery life. Today’s mobile PC users are looking for digital platforms that give them streamlined connections with the latest digital devices, high-speed storage solutions, and broadband networks. The NVIDIA nForce™3 Go150 media and communications processors (MCPs) deliver.

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The NVIDIA nForce3 Go150 leverages the remarkable processing power of the AMD Athlon™ 64 CPUs. With high-performance networking, RAID disk management, AGP 8X graphics support, and robust NVIDIA® ForceWare™ drivers and utilities, NVIDIA nForce3 Go150 MCPs bring state of the art entertainment, storage, display, and power management capabilities to the world of mobile PCs.


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Paired with the latest NVIDIA® GeForce™ Go graphics processing unit (GPU), the NVIDIA nForce3 Go150 MCP ensures compatibility with the latest games and applications, and powers the ultimate gameplay. In addition to providing blazing performance, crisp video and graphics display, and state-of-the-art features, NVIDIA nForce3 Go-based mobile PCs deliver sophisticated power management, including support for AMD PowerNow! Technology.

NVIDIA’s ForceWare software suite completes the digital media experience by providing the most optimized, stable platform software solution in the industry, including the cutting-edge NVIDIA System Utility, which provides unprecedented control of system resources and an easy-to-use interface for overclocking.