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  • Digital Media Gateway

    The second-generation NVIDIA nForce digital media gateway provides the ultimate in connectivity and networking, with USB 2.0 and IEEE-1394a/FireWire(R) support, DualNet Ethernet capability, and an Ultra ATA/133 IDE controller.

  • NVIDIA nForce Platform Processors

    The NVIDIA nForce and NVIDIA nForce2 platform processing architectures revolutionizes traditional motherboard architectures and provide new levels of performance and functionality to the AMD-based desktop PC market through the IGP, SPP and MCP platform processors.

Business Platform


nF_BusinessPlatform.jpgThe scalable and reliable NVIDIA nForce2 platform processors give today's AMD Athlon XP-based desktop PCs the overall performance, integrated functionality, streamlined management features, and versatile multi-display capabilities needed for the most advanced desktop and application management.

Look for NVIDIA nForce2 400 platform processors powering AMD-based business platforms. The NVIDIA nForce2 400 delivers 400MHz frontside bus (FSB) support and 400MHz DDR performance for cost-effective home and business PCs.
  • Streamlined system and graphics performance: For the corporate users who demand high-performance graphics and a streamlined system, NVIDIA nForce2 combines GeForce MX graphics with a revolutionary memory architecture--the first-generation TwinBank architecture and the second-generation DualDDR architecture.
  • A trusted connectivity solution: NVIDIA nForce2 platforms provide integrated 3Com™ 10/100 Ethernet, trusted by IT professionals around the world. NVIDIA Gigabit Ethernet and the native NVIDIA Firewall technology ensure fast yet secure connections to broadband or corporate networks. These advanced features allow NVIDIA nForce2-based corporate PCs to easily integrate into the corporate environment.
  • Advanced storage solutions: NVIDIA RAID and SATA offer next-generation storage technology for businesses, providing the ability to automatically backup critical data. Should a hard drive fail, NVIDIA RAID technology also offers the ability to dynamically rebuild data on a spare hard drive.
  • Manageability, reliability, stability and compatibility: As a trusted technology brand having delivered three generations of products to corporate users, NVIDIA designed NVIDIA nForce2 with the corporate IT professional in mind. The NVIDIA® ForceWare™ Unified Driver Architecture (UDA) delivers software drivers that are forward-and-backward compatible with all NVIDIA solutions, greatly simplifying enterprise upgrades and administration. The NVIDIA System Utility provides users the ability to support and tune their PC to specific job requirements.
  • nView Multi-display Technology: Maximize your productivity and flexibility with multi-display advanced desktop and application management.
    NVIDIA nForce2 features vary by product and/or motherboard design. Please confirm actual product specs with your motherboard manufacturer.