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NVIDIA nPower Technology
NVIDIA® nPower™ maximizes battery life when your device is in standby mode and when you are playing games, making movies, or taking pictures. nPower technology utilizes a host of optimizations to minimize power consumption in active mode. The result: the battery lasts longer when you are using the multimedia features of your handheld device.

 Geometry Processor
The integrated geometry processor performs complex transform and setup calculations, while offloading the main CPU in the handheld. The geometry processor enables rich 3D applications to run extremely fast while consuming minimal power.

 Programmable Shader Technology
NVIDIA® GoForce® 4800 is the first 3D core with programmable shader technology for handhelds. This desktop-class graphics technology delivers stunning photorealistic images and allows you to play games with complex scenes and lifelike characters on your handheld device.

 Multitexture Support
Multitexturing support efficiently applies up to 6 simultaneous textures to every pixel, enabling high-quality 3D images to be rendered efficiently on the handheld with extended battery life. Multitexturing also enables the rendering of realistic graphics including partially reflective surfaces, and the accurate representation of the interaction between light and shadows.

 Early Z
The NVIDIA GoForce 4800 core optimizes the processing and power consumption of handhelds by identifying non-visible sections of a frame and discarding them. This saves up to 60% of processing requirements leaving ample performance headroom or extending battery life.

 8x Digital Zoom
High-quality digital zoom allows users to get close-up photos, and brings camera phones up to par with standalone digital cameras. When paired with a high-resolution camera, this feature allows you to “zoom in” on an object while maintaining high image quality.

 MPEG-4 and H.263 Codec
Enables full motion video record (encode) and playback (decode) on your mobile phone, including video-on-demand, camcorder capabilities, streaming video, and video conferencing. Dedicated hardware filters offer high-quality playback of video content.

 JPEG Codec
Up to 3-megapixel images can now be captured on your mobile phone. The NVIDIA GoForce 4800 Handheld GPU encodes and decodes these images without relying on the main CPU. This results in significantly reduced system power consumption and allows fast viewing of the photo images.

 NVIDIA FotoPack Technology
NVIDIA® FotoPack™ technology automatically adjusts the file size of high-resolution photos without diminishing the quality of the picture. With FotoPack technology, users are able to store up to three times the number of photos than otherwise possible in the limited storage space of handheld devices.

 64-bit 2D Graphics Engine
High-performance precision graphics improve everything from simple text scrolling to playing a fast-motion game. The 64-bit 2D graphics engine accelerates the performance of functions such as color image rendering and provides a rich user interface and fast performance.

 Removable Storage Support
Support for removable (SD and MMC) storage allows the user to take videos and imagery captured on a camera phone and transfer them directly to a PC or similar device equipped with an SD reader. SDIO enables add-in functionality like Wi-Fi, cameras, and Bluetooth.

 Embedded Memory
1280KB of dedicated 128-bit wide SRAM memory enables on-chip processing of imaging, graphics, and video applications resulting in low system power consumption. High-resolution displays are supported without the need to access external memory, reducing the power required to output to the display.