Reviews & Editorials
Digital Silence: Gizmondo to use NVIDIA GoForce 3D 4500 GPU
"We have been following the announcements surrounding Tiger Telematic's upcoming Gizmondo for awhile now... but I never realized that NVIDIA would be powering it."

infoSync World: nVidia GoForce 3D 4500 for mobile gaming
"NVIDIA's latest mobile processor boasts arcade-quality 3D graphic rendering and up to 3 MP images. Coming soon to a phone near you. Graphics company nVidia has taken the wraps off what it calls the world's first "3D wireless media processor", the GoForce 3D 4500, a mobile processor designed to support 3D graphics and high-res images in handhelds and mobile phones."

Wireless Week: News Briefs For Sept. 21, 2004
"Nvidia has launched GoForce 3D 4500, a 3D wireless media processor (WMP). The WMP is designed to enable mobile content developers to use the 3D medium to create rich, dynamic, lifelike worlds and characters for applications for cell phones, PDAs and other handheld devices."

EE Times: Nvidia adds 3-D engine to wireless processor
"Building on its experience as a provider of graphics processors for gaming systems, Nvidia Corp. has added a 3-D core to its GoForce wireless media processor line, giving designers an ability to add gaming capabilities to mobile phones and other handheld systems."

RCR Wireless News: Nvidia offers 3D processor for better gaming
"Graphics processor manufacturer Nvidia will announce its latest offering at Mobile Content World in London this week. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company will unveil its GoForce 3D 4500, which features high-performance three-dimensional graphics and 3-megapixel functionality. The processor initially will be brought to market in the Gizmondo, a handheld gaming and messaging device that is scheduled to be released in Europe next month and in the United States early next year. Nvidia officials said the processor will help create a more engrossing gaming experience without rapidly draining batteries. A long-time computer graphics developer, Nvidia entered the mobile market four years ago."

Sony Ericsson W900i
“The results of the 3D operations were surprisingly high, as in the best smartphones. The explanation for this is that there is a 3D-accelerator from NVIDIA (GoForce 4800) in the device. This is currently the company’s top solution and it delivers high efficiency in 3D games that are written in the appropriate API (it is 4X the performance of the K750 in this respect).”

Motorola Razr V3x
"The camera performance is greatly improved due to the presence of the NVIDIA GoForce 4800 chip, and as a result, the photo quality is better."

Sony Ericsson W900i
"Amongst the hardware differences between the W900i and previous models is the 3D accelerator by NVIDIA, used here for the first time. Thanks to the NVIDIA GoForce 4800 chip, the device started driving video in high resolution, supporting 3D games with high fps. One of the examples of such a game is preinstalled PowerBall Arcade."

Sony Ericsson W900i
"From a hardware point of view, the use of NVIDIA 3D chipset enables the W900i to take QVGA 30fps 3GPP video. I have compared the video quality taken by W900i and Sharp SX833 (903) (Both of them can take QVGA video). I found W900i production is smoother than SX833 because of the difference between 30fps and 15fps"

Sony Ericsson W900i
“As you can see, the performance of the W900i is very high and its 3D graphics speed deserves special attention. The reason is the integrated NVIDIA GoForce 4800 GPU... The W900i is its first implementation and it is quite successful because the NVIDIA GoForce 4800 sports the hardware MPEG-4 decoder (up to 640 х 480 pixels) and JPEG coder (up to 2048 х 1536). The hardware accelerator itself looks appealing – it’s fast and high quality”.