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NVIDIA has the largest dedicated content team in the graphics industry, and works closely with content developers and publishers to provide them with technical and marketing support. NVIDIA’s investments in relationships with the development community and publishers make it possible for consumers to enjoy leading-edge 3D content that is not only tuned for awesome performance, but also for stability and reliability. The following games and demos highlight the future of 3D content on handheld devices.

NVIDIA Atlantis Tech Demo   Atlantis Demo
NVIDIA Tech Demo
The Atlantis demo is designed to show off NVIDIA GoForce 4800's capabilities as a handheld gaming platform. A manta-shaped submarine explores vast underwater caverns. The craft is lit in real-time and even emits a glow from its lights. The demo also uses the NVIDIA GoForce 4800’s fog capabilities to create an underwater effect. NVIDIA GeForce 4800 takes care of all the 3D transformations, and the entire demo uses only fixed-point math.
Beach Mini Golf   Beach Mini Golf
Publisher: Digital Chocolate
Developer: Sumea

Hit the beach and hit the links in this exciting mini-golf 3D adventure. Enjoy 18 holes on two courses in this tropical paradise. Choose your player from a cast of 4 appealing and fun characters. Play in the Sun Tournament multiplayer mode and share the fun with up to 4 friends.
NVIDIA Dawn Handheld Demo Dawn Handheld Demo
NVIDIA Tech Demo
The Dawn handheld demo shows real-time facial blending and skinning animation. The lighting is also done in real-time. You can interactively trigger expressions by pressing the buttons. The use of separate diffuse and specular texture maps add to the realism of the skin. The hair and eyelashes take advantage of alpha blending, and the eyes reflect an environment map in realtime. The entire demo is accomplished using only fixed-point math.
Extreme Air Snowboarding   Extreme Air Snowboarding
Publisher: Digital Chocolate
Developer: Sumea

The 2005 edition of the best-selling Extreme Air Snowboarding game takes mobile snowboarding to a new level, by transforming the original into three dimensions. Includes three modes; Tutorial, Speed Pipe – timed trials test your speed and agility, and Track Pipe – 11 challenges with almost endless trick combinations.
Kastor   Kastor
Publisher: TAT
Developer: TAT

Kastor is platform-independent software enabling high performance graphics for mobile user interfaces allowing handset manufacturers to further express brand values and product differentiation. With a low footprint and high flexibility Kastor is used to improve performance and enhance the visual experience on handheld devices.
Mascot Capsule   MascotCapsule V4
HI Corporation

MascotCapsule® is 3D rendering engine software that enables the real-time operation of applications displaying 3D graphics data on a multitude of devices, such as handheld game pads, PDAs, and mobile phones. With the adoption by global handset manufacturers, the historical shipments of MascotCapsule exceed 40 million handsets (as of April, 2004).
SPMark04   SPMark04
Publisher: Futuremark Corporation
Developer: Futuremark Corporation

SPMark™04 is the industry’s standard benchmark for evaluating smartphone performance and power consumption. It features advanced OpenGL ES 3D test suite with dazzling 3D game scene test and demo.
Stuntcar Extreme Stuntcar Extreme
Driving with style, Stuntcar Extreme delivers a unique, fast-paced stunt racing experience in retro funk flavor. Race against opponents, unlock new tracks and cars and become the Stunt Champion!
Tactical Incursion Tactical Incursion
Publisher: Xen Games
Developer: Xen Games
Tactical Incursion is a tense game of tactical combat with in-depth gameplay, an interactive environment and advanced graphical effects. Take control of your squad of highly trained operatives in dangerous missions across the globe. Lead missions to destroy illegal arms caches, rescue hostages and capture high level targets.
Underwater Adventure Underwater Adventure
Publisher: Ketsujin Studios
Developer: Ketsujin Studios
Need to take a break and relax? Then swim with the fishes and explore this underwater wonderland of ruins and sunken ships in glorious 3D! Who knows? You may even find buried treasure in the murky depths…



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