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Featured Artist

"The Plush Life" is an introduction to the world of Lundo and Flint

Animated & Directed by Tim Heath
Sound Design: Jamey Scott
Producer: Eric Enderton


"kuhfo" - animated shorts for the International Trickfilm Festival, Stuttgart
Designed & Directed by Hannes Appell and Holger Wenzl
Technical Director: Sebastian Schmidt
Sound Design: Chris Bremus
Producers: Olli Dressnandt and Max Penk
Film Akademie, Baden-Wuerttemberg

Stills & Images

Anibrain Studios
Matteo Shapira - Animation Lab

Artist: Jared Martin

Fleeting Image Animation.

Ethan Summers & Shiew Yeu Low

Demo image of Gelato's depth of field capability

Demo image of Gelato's ray-traced shadows

Demo image of Gelato's ray-traced shadows

Demo image of Gelato's ambient occlusion

Gelato demo image

Tweak Films Still from an early Gelato animation showing motion blur

Demo image of Gelato showing volume shadows

Tweak Films Ray-traced perfume bottle

Model courtesy of Headus

Model courtesy of Headus. Demo image of massive amount of geometry

Tweak Films, Animation frame showing motion blur

Tweak Films, animation frame

Demo image of Gelato’s caustics

Model courtesy of Headus, Demo image of Gelato’s subsurface scattering