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The NVIDIA® GeForce® 9800 GX2 is a über-powered, dual GPU-based graphics card that powers extreme HD gaming and provides a complete, high def entertainment experience for the PC.
With two on-board GPUs, a GeForce® 9800 GX2-based graphics solution is bar-none the fastest graphics card available, and when paired with a 7 Series NVIDIA nForce® motherboard, creates the latest in a line of powerful NVIDIA gaming platforms. Be blown away by scorching frame rates, true-to-life extreme HD gaming, and picture-perfect Blu-ray and HD DVD movies.
Unreal Tournament 3 image captured on NVIDIA GPU. Provided by Epic. Lightning speed graphics performance
The dual-GPU engine has 256 screaming fast stream processors and a 1GB framebuffer, allowing it to perform 30 to 50% faster across games than the previous performance leading GeForce 8800 Ultra GPU.
Picture-Perfect HD
Extreme HD game play, unsurpassed movie picture quality, and elegant design are at your fingertips with the GeForce 9800 GX2-based graphics card. Now you can be right in the middle of the action – whether you’re fragging the enemy or watching an HD movie, your experience will be ultra-realistic.
Features to up the ante
An ESA-enabled control panel provides a state-of-the-art interface for performance tuning and monitoring of your graphics card. Plus, HybridPower™ technology gives you optimal power savings by letting you switch from your GeForce 9800 GX2-based GPU to your motherboard GPU for everyday computing.

Key Features

  • PCI Express 2.0 Support
    Designed for the new PCI Express 2.0 bus architecture offering the highest data transfer speeds for the most bandwidth-hungry games and 3D applications, while maintaining backwards compatibility with existing PCI Express motherboards for the broadest support.
  • NVIDIA® PureVideo® HD Technology1
    The combination of high-definition video decode acceleration and post-processing that delivers unprecedented picture clarity, smooth video, accurate color, and precise image scaling for movies and video.
  • Dynamic Contrast Enhancement & Color Stretch
    Provides post-processing and optimization of High Definition movies on a scene-by-scene basis for spectacular picture clarity.
  • HDMI Output
    Integrated HDMI™ connector enables sending both high-definition video and audio signals to an HDTV via a single cable.
  • NVIDIA HybridPower™ Technology2
    Lets you switch from the GeForce 9800 GX2 graphics card to the motherboard GeForce GPU when running non graphically-intensive applications for a silent, low power PC experience.
  • Enthusiast System Architecture
    The new ESA-enabled NVIDIA control panel provides a state-of-the-art interface for performance tuning and monitoring of your GeForce 9800 GX2-based graphics card on NVIDIA nForce 790i platforms.

1 Feature requires supported video software. Features may vary by product.
2 Requires NVIDIA HybridPower™- enabled motherboard.

Key Benefits
Stream Processors 256
Core Clock (MHz) 600 MHz
Shader Clock (MHz) 1500 MHz
Memory Clock (MHz) 1000 MHz
Memory Amount 1GB (512MB per GPU)
Memory Interface 512-bit
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec) 128
Texture Fill Rate (billion/sec) 76.8