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  • CineFX 3.0 Engine

    Powers the next generation of cinematic realism. Full support for Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 Shader Model 3.0 enables stunning and complex special effects. Next-generation shader architecture delivers faster and smoother gameplay.

  • UltraShadow II Technology

    Enhances the performance of bleeding-edge games, featuring complex scenes with multiple light sources and objects. 2nd-generation technology delivers more than 4x the shadow processing power over the previous generation.

  • High-Performance, High-Precision Effects

    The NVIDIA GeForce 6 Series of GPUs delivers extraordinary new technologies that streamline the creation of stunning effects in games and other 3D real-time applications.


GeForce 6800 Reviews

“After many hours of... well fun, I just can't help myself over it, this video card is lethal!

At the heart of the beast we find 222 Million transistors running at 350 MHz and yet the card manages to produce numbers that will force you to make noises like guuuaaahh.

It's quite clear that NVIDIA still can tweak some more 'juice' out of the 6800 series and that makes sense, new silicon requires some fine tuning and eventually this product will get even faster as that is the track record for NVIDIA.

At this timeframe in 2004 the Geforce 6800 GT is a nearly perfect and exciting product in my eyes, with its sporty name it's quite affordable for a product in the high-end range and offers you any available graphics technology you need for your games to run at high image quality at a tremendous speed. Feature-wise it's a cocktail, a blend of the best technology available.

So far I can only find one thing wrong with it... it eats away my free time with all the games. This guru's, is a great graphics card."

X-bit labs
“Bearing in mind the incredible performance NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra delivers in absolutely all types of games, including titles with plethora of Pixel Shaders 2.0, as well as support for promising Pixel Shaders 3.0, graphics cards based on the new NV40 chip have all chances to become the best choice of the Spring 2004…”

“First of all, it is the performance that impress. The card is, as expected, completely unbeatable in almost everything we tested”

“The more eye candy and the higher resolutions, the larger the differences become.”

“The card's actual "sweet spot" is at 1600x1200 with 4x FSAA and 16x Aniso enabled, in these settings it is simply completely amazing.”

“In short, GeForce 6800 Ultra is the world's fastest graphics card right now and that with knobs on”

“The fact is that we are generally astonished over how cold the card is keeping itself even that the fan is going on its quiet level.”

“GeForce 6800 Ultra is an incredibly good card. The performance is extreme, the image quality has done improvements since the GeForce FX series, the support for Shade Model 3.0 impresses and the new video unit is just one of the many dots over the i.”

“Yes my friends; this could be the sixth Gear of a Lamborghini, it can get you Goosebumps, it'll stiffen your nipples and hey NEO; is this the one?”

“This is the first and to date only video card that can handle Shader model 3.0 and with 16 pixel pipelines it surely has raw power and of course what it needed;”

“if you are as much a graphics card freak as I am, well your heart just skips a beat because what NVIDIA is releasing today is the one you've been waiting on ... the power, the performance, the features...yes has the beast of gaming pleasure has been unleashed ?!”

“we have never seen a graphics card perform this well or so convincingly beat the competition in every single benchmark.”

“At the end of the day the level of performance, it beats the best ATI currently has, the Radeon 9800 XT, by 60 to 120%, we love it and will continue to do so despite of it’s bulkiness and power requirements”

“The GeForce 6800 Ultra is simply built like a hotrod, big, bad and with performance that’ll put anything else out there to shame with the appearance to match.”

“For now the GeForce 6800 Ultra comes highly recommended, as it simply is the king of the hill of 3D graphics, bar none.”

“Now THIS is more like it! Even though 3DMark 2003 still features some legacy DX7 / 8 tests, the inclusion of DX9 tests allow the 6800U to really shine. Indeed, whether you favoured the 5950U or 9800XT as your previous performance king, both are merrily THRASHED: the 6800U isn't just a bit faster, it's DOUBLE the score!”

“Though it doesn't stop there: 14,000+ is possible with an AMD FX-51, and some tweaking!!!”
“BAM! At 1024x768, the 6800U is brutally fast compared with the 5950U / 9800XT: 116% faster. Crucially, it boosts the framerate from an "adequate" 30fps to a far more satisfying 60fps +”
“...but crank the resolution up a notch, and throw on some 4x FSAA and 8x AF for visual crispiness, and the graph gives us the now familiar middle-finger salute:”

“It isn't easy to keep one's cool having witnessed the fastest consumer-level graphics card yet released. It's fast; eye-wateringly FAST, but that is merely a solid foundation for the overall ownership experience.”

“After spending a few hours gaining all the test results I must say I was rather surprised at just how good the NV40 really was. It had surpassed my expectations by very large amount. Before I arrived to test the card I had already heard the rumours of 10k + in 3DMark 2003 but I wasn’t ready to believe it till I saw those numbers tick up on the screen.”

“The fan was superbly quiet, in fact upon stopping the CPU fan the NV40 was barely audible even after many hours of hard testing. Heat was of course the major issue with NV30, NV40 was running at 33-35C throughout the entire day of testing, in fact the heatsink was actually barely above room temperature to the touch, quite an improvement over the previous generations.”

“NVIDIA have surprised me with NV40. It's rediculously fast compared to R360 in some tests.”

“DX9 performance, at least theoretically, is very strong. The shading performance of NV40 is mighty in some respects. It's got all the features NV3x should have had, like multiple render targets and floating point support for everything.”

“Emmett Killgaraff's new shader core is excellent engineering, something he and NVIDIA should be rightfully proud of. Full, fast, FP32 support everywhere is something that developers can get their teeth into.”

“Overall, I'm impressed with the features and the performance. It's nice to see NVIDIA get it more right than they have recently. Shader Model 3.0 performance will be nice to evaluate in the future.”

“A fast wee beasty with excellent features, and it's currently the fastest, launched, consumer graphics accelerator.”

Trusted Reviews
“This time NVIDIA has a product that will blow your socks off and no, I don’t just mean a noisy fan this time around, I’m talking about the quality of the graphics and the outlandish performance.”

“Although I only had a chance to play with a reference card for a few hours, I can honestly say that this is the most impressive graphics card I have ever seen. We’ve been talking about cinematic graphics on the desktop for some time now, but the GeForce 6800 is the first graphics card to show signs of actually delivering on that promise.”

“With a score of over 11,000 in 3DMark03, the GeForce 6800 is more than twice as fast as anything else we’ve tested. Looking at the performance numbers in the remaining benchmarks, the two that stand out are Halo and Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness, both running at about twice the usual speed using the GeForce 6800 Ultra, compared to current crop of high-end graphics cards”

“To sum it all up, the GeForce 6800 Ultra is the fastest and most impressive graphics card I have ever seen and I’m not easily impressed.”

“Of course, not only do we have the evolutionary steps, we also have some great introductions as well. Higher speed FP32 rendering throughout the pipeline, the introduction of Shader Model 3.0 in hardware and the Higher Dynamic Range Rendering being key highlights that NV4x brings for the first time.”

“With regards the performance of GeForce 6800 Ultra we can see that there are massively impressive gains over the FX boards in many cases. We really have reached the point where far too many titles are completely CPU bound, and now high quality options such as FSAA and Anisotropic filtering come for free at much higher levels.”

“Thanks to the new shader pipelines, and the sheer number of them, the shader performance takes a very large performance leap over the FX series. The new Pixel Shader pipelines see very large gains in performance.”

“NV40 appears to be a hugely ambitious piece of engineering and it has certainly seen the benefits in terms of performance in relation to its predecessors.”