Quadro FX 4600/ FX 5600 Current NVIDIA Driver
Windows XP/2000


Version: 97.98
Release Date: May 1, 2007
WHQL Certified

File Size: 65.6 MB

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Release Highlights:

  • WHQL Certified
  • Improved performance on workstation applications
  • Includes the new NVIDIA Control Panel. Please visit the NVIDIA Control Panel website for more information
  • New NVIDIA PureVideo features and enhancements. Please visit the NVIDIA PureVideo website for more information on PureVideo technology and system requirements.
    • Adds noise reduction post processing
    • Adds image sharpening post processing
    • Improved Inverse telecine algorithm
    • Improved de-interlacing algorithm
    • Improved compatibility with third party MPEG-2 decoders
  • Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0c and OpenGL® 2.0 support
  • For a full list of other issues resolved, please view the driver release notes.

Product Support List:

  • Quadro FX 4600
  • Quadro FX 5600

The following products are not supported in the current ForceWare Release 80 driver. Please continue to use the previous ForceWare Release 70 drivers available here.
Vanta, Vanta LT, Quadro, Quadro2 Pro, Quadro2 EX

Driver Installation Hints:

Before installing new drivers make sure you uninstall all NVIDIA display drivers from the Windows Control Panel. Browse to the Start Menu > Windows Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs and search for "NVIDIA Windows Display Drivers" or "NVIDIA Display Drivers" and select remove.

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Release Notes (v97.98)