Putting the “real” in both real-time and realism for professional 3D applications
The NVIDIA® SceniX™ scene management engine is the interactive core powering many of today’s most demanding professional real-time 3D graphics applications. Delivering exceptional interactivity and realism within an easy to integrate framework, the SceniX engine has proven to be a reliable foundation for a wide array of commercial and private applications in industries such as automotive styling, visualization, simulation, broadcast graphics, interactive training, and energy exploration – virtually anywhere there is a need to analyze 3D data, make decisions, and convey results in real-time.

The SceniX engine continually exploits the latest GPU innovations to deliver the most efficient scene management and real-time rendering while also being the center for advanced capabilities of NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics solutions. Applications can quickly add features such as stereo, SDI, 30-bit color, scene distribution and interactive ray tracing* as they come to market by adopting the latest SceniX engine. While the SceniX engine runs on most current OpenGL graphics cards, its synergy with Quadro solutions gives leading software applications the capabilities and performance design professionals depend upon.

As an NVIDIA acceleration engine, SceniX can be used freely by software developers within their products to achieve optimal performance with the confidence their results will continue to remain cutting edge. Whether advancing on its own, or including new and ready-to-implement features from other acceleration engines, the SceniX engine provides applications a solid and future-proof foundation that is even more powerful when run on Quadro professional graphics solutions.

Image Courtesy of Realtime Technology AG (RTT) and Autodesk.
Technical Information

If you would like to integrate SceniX into your application, please visit our developer site for additional technical information.

* Now shipping in the current release