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Quadro Quad Buffered Professional Stereo Technology


NVIDIA Quadro Quad Buffered Professional Stereo Technology
Professionals from geoscientists to design stylists can move beyond traditional 3D stereo technology to a fully supported quad buffered stereoscopic experience with NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics. By combining 3D Stereoscopic glasses, a 3D ready-display and supported Quadro graphics solutions, any professional application using Open GL quad buffered stereo can easily be transformed into an immersive 3D experience.

Quad buffered stereo provides each eye a unique view from a slightly different perspective by using four buffers (front left, front right, back left, back right) rather than the traditional two buffers (front, back). Plus, quad buffered stereo lets a user view stereo smoothly either in full screen mode or with multiple windows on their display. This technology provides the highest visual 3D stereoscopic quality required by professionals and enables better productivity during reviews and design iterations.

Quad Buffered Multi-Window Stereo

How do I enable Quadro Quad Buffered Professional Stereo?
Quad buffered stereo is enabled with any quad buffered stereo application, 3D stereoscopic glasses/displays and NVIDIA® Quadro® FX high-end and ultra-high end solutions. For more information on glasses and displays, including NVIDIA 3D Vision click here.

Quad Buffered Stereo Applications
Many professional applications, such as AutoDesk’s Maya, Dassault Systemes CATIA, Landmark GeoProbe, support quad buffered stereo natively. Additionally, some applications support quad buffered stereo with custom plug-ins. To see if your application is supported, please check with your application vendor.

Image courtesy of Schlumberger