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"The bottom line is that NVIDIA comes out on top in terms of quality. We've seen arguments for scoring these cards differently, but we feel that this is the most accurate representation of the capabilities offered by each camp."

“[GeForce 8600] is currently the best option for anyone looking to watch Blu-ray or HD-DVD on their PCs. The full H.264 offload onto the GPU makes HD movie playback not only painless but also possible on lower speed systems … Kudos to NVIDIA on being first to deliver full H.264 decode assist not only in any GPU but moreover in a mainstream GPU.”

"The 2nd generation PureVideo HD engine lowers much of CPU usage running H.264 and VC-1 format of Blu-ray/HD DVD, and delivers unprecedented quality as good as high-end video processors in AV devices. Low CPU usage reduces power consumption, which means it increases battery life and decreases system noise with low temperature. Thus, GeForce 8500, 8600 series equipped with 2nd generation of PureVideo HD are the best choice for smooth playback of Blu-ray/HD DVD."
"Especially noteworthy is the 100% per cent job relocation of HD video playback to the GPU. Within the notebook segment this leads to longer battery running time as well as less disturbance by annoying fans when watching HD video."
"NVIDIA PureVideo is really great for a media center PC. With PureVideo you get HD-upscaled DVD-playback, which kicks the hell out of a 5000 DKK dvd-player for under 1000 DKK."
"…NVIDIA cards are equal or superior to the best of living room players. This is thanks to PureVideo HD…"

"The test results says that a single-core processor cannot support MPEG-4/AVC format of Blu-ray movies without the new PureVideo HD technology … This is a very revolutionary technology."

PC Professionale
"The innovative features of the new VPE is that the GPU deals with the entire process of the decoding of HD streams; thus freeing the CPU to do other tasks. It will allow you to playback high def movies even if you have an economical PC."

"For home theature enthusiasts though, the GeForce 8600 GTS is arguably the video card to own. It's got the most advanced video engine currently available and at a price that won't break the bank."

"GeForce 8600/8500 series offer new version of PureVideo HD which allows to play smoothly videos from HD source (such as Blu-Ray or HD-DVD) even on PCs equipped without a high-end GPU. This is a bargain for all those who intend to assembly HTPC computer home for playing new HD movies."
"Good news for mobile users cinema addicts. All those new (GeForce 8 Series) cards integrate the video rendering engine PureVideo HD and its Bit Stream Processor. They are able to completely support HD movies decode (Blu-ray or HD DVD) regardless of the bitrate demand."