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Tesla M1060 Processor

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An integral part of the world’s fastest 1U computing servers engineered to meet the requirements of enterprise-class data centers, Tesla M1060 processors deliver supercomputing performance while requiring less power and space. Featuring the revolutionary NVIDIA® CUDA™ parallel computing architecture and powered by 240 parallel processing cores, the Tesla M1060 shatters your performance per watt expectations to help you to solve the toughest computing problems faster.


The Performance to Solve the Toughest Computing Problems Faster

Uses the NVIDIA® CUDA™ parallel computing architecture to deliver nearly a teraflop of peak performance.


Cut your Energy Bill without Sacrificing Performance

8x the performance per watt for 1RU servers with Tesla processors relative to 1RU x86 Servers without Tesla processors*


Engineered for Enterprise-Class Data Center Requirements

Passive heatsink design enables redundancy from multiple system fans and system integration extends the host system’s monitoring capabilities to include the Tesla processor. Also, fewer external cables simplify data center installation and operation.


Available Integrated into Compute Servers from Leading OEMs

Leading OEMs have engineered compute servers around this new processor and are only available through these OEMs

*Assumption is 600W for a CPU only server with dual-socket quad-core. Perf level is 170.24 GFLOPS per 600W, or 0.284 GFLOPS/Watt. Add 2 M1060 GPUs to that system, and system power increases to 880W, but performance equals 1996 GFLOPS, or 2.268 GFLOPS/Watt. 2.218 is 8.0x of 0.284.