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Get professional workstation graphics at a PC value with the NVIDIA Quadro FX 470 motherboard GPU solution. Featuring CUDA™ parallel computing capabilities, the Quadro FX 470 is certified on leading professional applications to meet stringent performance and reliability requirements while staying within an IT budget.

Ground-breaking professional PC platform for mainstream DCC & CAD users
Industry’s first professional motherboard solution designed to enable workstation application performance & reliability at traditional desktop PC prices
NVIDIA unified GPU architecture efficiently delivers unprecedented professional application performance
NVIDIA unified GPU architecture designed to dynamically allocate geometry, shading and pixel processing power to deliver unmatched price/performance for OpenGL and Microsoft® DirectX® 10 professional applications

NVIDIA ® CUDA™ Parallel Computing Processor
Unleashes new capabilities with a 16-core CUDA parallel computing processor to solve highly complex challenges such as real-time ray tracing, video encoding, and interactive volume rendering
Reliable hardware and software platform and Stable image platform
Extended product life cycle for a dependable solution and certified support for professional software applications

Professional Motherboard Graphics
First ever integration of NVIDIA's high performance Quadro graphics in NVIDIA MCP platform solutions enabling a professional class graphics solution at PC price points.

I/O Scalability & Performance
Extensive I/O slot support enables peripherals like SAS and dual GbE that lengthen platform life cycle and performance. Support for power supplies up to 495 watts enables platform scalability to addresses a wide-range of user requirements.

nView Multi-Display Technology
Integrated Dual DVI digital connectors on FX470 platform enable highest resolution digital displays available in the market. NVIDIA® nView® hardware and software technology combination enables first professional platform allowing users to scale to Quad display with addition of single Quadro FX370.

Low Power & Ultra quiet design
Enables Entry Level professional graphic platform at 40W advantage vs. competitive platforms. Power efficiency coupled with platform design enable ultra quiet system acoustics at sub 25db.

Next-Generation Vertex and Pixel Programmability Shader Model 4.0
Reference standard for shader model 4.0 enabling a higher level of performance and realistic effects for OpenGL and next generation DirectX 10 industry-leading professional applications.

128-Bit Precision Graphics Pipeline
Enables sophisticated mathematical computations to maintain high accuracy, resulting in unmatched visual quality. Full IEEE 32-bit floating-point precision per color component (RGBA) delivers millions of color variations with the broadest dynamic range.

32-Bit Floating Point Precision, Filtering & Blending
Sets new standards for image clarity and quality through 32-bit floating point capabilities in shading, filtering, texturing, and blending. Enables unprecedented rendered image quality for visual effects processing.

Advanced Color Compression, Early Z-Cull
Improved pipeline color compression and early z-culling to increase effective bandwidth and improve rendering efficiency and performance.

Full-Scene Antialiasing (FSAA)
Up to 16x FSAA dramatically reduces visual aliasing artifacts or “jaggies,” resulting in highly realistic scenes.

16-core NVIDIA® CUDA™ Parallel Computing Processor

16-core parallel computing processor architecture exposed through a C language environment and tool suite in combination with high performance visualization, CUDA unleashes new capabilities to solve highly complex challenges such as real-time ray tracing, video encoding, and interactive volume rendering.

CPU Intel
Processor Support Core 2 Family (Dual & Quad) Pentium D; Pentium 4; Celeron D; Celeron
PCI Express 2.0 checkmark.gif
FSB Speed 1333Mhz
Dual Link DVI 1
Processor Cores 16
Memory Size Total Up to 4 GB DDR2
(system memory)
Memory Interface 128-Bit
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec) 12.8
Shader Model 4.0
NVIDIA CUDA checkmark.gif
Max Power Consumption 30W
OpenGL 2.1
Direct X 10
Acoustics 24dB