Quadro FX
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NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800

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Architected for leading-edge manufacturing and design companies, this next generation solution within the most requested mid-range professional graphics family, provides a balanced price and performance combination. Featuring NVIDIA® CUDA™ parallel computing architecture, 30-bit color accuracy, and automatic configuration of application display settings for optimal performance, the Quadro FX 1800 sets the standard for power efficiency while delivering a rich user experience.


Maximum Price Performance for Manufacturing and Design Professionals

Quadro mid-range solutions are requested by the majority of manufacturing and design companies providing more than 20% higher performance over previous generations.

Image courtesy of Xavier Alana

CUDA Parallel Computing Architecture

NVIDIA® CUDA™ is a revolutionary parallel computing architecture for Quadro professional GPUs enabling breakthrough performance in areas such as video encoding, image processing, and accurate physics.

Image courtesy of Autodesk

NVIDIA Application Configuration Engine (ACE)

Automatically adjusts graphics settings for optimized application performance from the start, minimizing time wasted by manually adjusting settings.

Power Efficiency for Reduced Cost

Power saving techniques enables EnergyStar compliant workstations to efficiently manage power consumption, without sacrificing performance.

Image courtesy of Rob Wolkers Product Development