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NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 (OEM Product)

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Your PC is more visual than ever – NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 120 delivers vibrant photos and smoother videos.

Not available for individual purchase.


The NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 120 is essential for watching Blu-ray movies on a PC, accelerating the Microsoft® Windows Vista™ experience, and powering Microsoft® DirectX® 9 and DirectX 10 games.

Bring your PC to life

Offload video processing tasks from your CPU to your GeForce graphics card and enjoy stutter-free, vibrant high-definition video playback with NVIDIA® PureVideo® HD engine. Easily manage and display crisp and vivid photos, fluidly zoom around 3D-enabled cities in Google Earth, and swiftly manipulate complex 2D Acrobat documents. Or transcode video to a personal video player faster than traditional CPUs1. Now you can work and play at full speed.

1 Requires application support for CUDA technology.


Realistic gaming for less

The GeForce GT 120 GPU allows you to play the latest PC games without costing you a bundle. So now you can enjoy popular gaming titles the way they were meant to be played.