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GeForce GTX 560

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GeForce GTX Gaming in Full HD 1080p.


The NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560 delivers the performance and power you need to game in full HD 1080p. Enter a world of gaming realism as your favorite games come to life with DirectX11, PhsyX and NVIDIA® 3D Vision technologies.

Sweet Performance

Fully loaded and ready to go. Play the latest games, like Duke Nukem Forever at full HD 1080p resolutions with 3x the performance of previous generations*.

Built for DirectX 11

Enter a world of gaming realism with the GTX 560 and experience your favorite DirectX11 games with a new level of detailed terrain and lifelike characters.

GeForce GTX Gaming

Dominate the competition with GeForce GTX gaming performance and technologies. With DirectX 11 and PhysX technologies, bring games to life with interactive environments, detailed terrain and lifelike characters. Experience NVIDIA® 3D Vision in a single display or a multi-monitor gaming experience. The GeForce® GTX 560 is SLI ready, allowing you to combine two cards for up to 2X the gaming performance**. Plus, NVIDIA® GeForce Driver updates deliver continuous performance optimizations for the life of your GeForce GPU.

* Compared to GeForce 8800 GT
** GeForce GTX 560 GPU must be paired with another GeForce GTX 560 GPU with same memory type (graphics card manufacturer can be different). SLI requires sufficient system cooling and a compatible power supply. Visit for more information and a listing of SLI-Certified components.