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GeForce 510 (OEM)

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Discrete graphics for a distinct PC experience

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Power your PC with the NVIDIA® GeForce® 510 and leverage twice the performance over integrated graphics. Video playback is fast and smooth and high-res photos render instantly. Immerse yourself in Blu-Ray 3D™ movies, accelerate your win7 experience, or play the latest DirectX® 11 games.

Accelerate Your Photos and HD Videos

Speed up your most demanding tasks. With the power of the GeForce® 510, enjoy 1080p online videos, render high-res photos instantly and supercharge your favorite multimedia applications. Enjoy a richer web experience with HTML5 GPU accelerated browsers like Google Chrome™ and Internet Explorer® 9.

3D Your PC

Breakthrough the boundaries of your screen. Immerse yourself in eye popping Blu-Ray 3D™ movies, view and edit your photos and browse the web – all in HD stereoscopic 3D.

Play DirectX 11 Games

See what your eyes have been missing. Experience lifelike characters and incredibly detailed terrain and game environments in the latest DX11 games.

Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.® 2 image captured on NVIDIA GPU provided by Ubisoft