NVIDIA Demo: Clear Sailing

In an ironic twist, the fastest brigantine in the pirate fleet cuts through the swells of a choppy ocean in an attempt to outrun the most feared captain of the royal navy. The NVIDIA® GeForce™ 6800 GPUs power the fleeing ship, demonstrating that their powerful vertex and fragment shaders can create effects that were not possible before.

Key Features:

1. The ocean is adaptively tesselated and driven by both per-vertex waves and per-pixel waves.

2. The water surface is shaded by the environment with per-pixel Fresnel and refraction terms that include the ship itself.

3. Foam is computed dynamically in the vertex shader based on wave sharpness.

4. Splash is computed based on the physics of the boat and is driven by a particle simulation.

5. The ship is lit by the environment and shaded using colormaps, bumpmaps, real-time shadowmaps, and a hemispherical occlusion term that describes its exposure to the environment.

6. Explosion, smoke, and fire are present as the ship is destroyed.