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Certified NVIDIA Graphics Solutions Based on Fermi Architecture Dramatically Accelerate Adobe Creative Suite 5 Production Premium


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SANTA CLARA, Calif. — September 2, 2010 — NVIDIA® graphics processing units (GPUs), including the company’s new Quadro® professional graphics solutions based on the Fermi architecture, are certified by Adobe for Adobe® Premiere Pro CS5, version® 5.0.2 software, unleashing the real-time video editing and effects processing capabilities of Adobe’s leading non linear editor.

The new NVIDIA Quadro 5000 and Quadro 4000 GPUs enable faster computational performance across a broad range of visualization applications, including Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 software, shattering previous benchmarks1. With Adobe Premiere Pro software CS5, version 5.0.2, users can now experience even richer, more vivid image quality with the broadest dynamic range and support for 30-bit color fidelity (10-bits per color; available only on Quadro GPUs). In addition, Quadro solutions enable easy spanning across multiple, ultra-high resolution displays, as well as SDI monitors and projectors.2

Featuring more graphics memory than any other products in their class, the NVIDIA Quadro 5000 (with 2.5 GB) and Quadro 4000 (with 2 GB) professional graphics solutions benefit anyone working with complex video production projects, including ultra high resolution 4K video streams such as RED.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 software incorporates the NVIDIA CUDA™ parallel processing architecture, so NVIDIA GPUs and their hundreds of cores enable film and video professionals to work unconstrained. The NVIDIA Quadro 5000 features over 50% more CUDA cores than its predecessor3, for lightning fast performance. Users can create compelling, multi-layer projects with a virtually limitless number of HD or higher resolution video clips, then apply sophisticated visual effects and color correction, while still being able to view the output instantly.

By utilizing the latest NVIDIA solutions, productivity is enhanced many times over by eliminating the wait for preview renders any time a change is made, and by being able to view projects at full resolution without skipping frames.

“The recent launches of our Fermi-based GPUs enables production pros to further unleash their creativity,” said Andrew Cresci, NVIDIA general manager, vertical market solutions. “With this updater to Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, creative professionals using our latest NVIDIA GPUs will reap even more benefits.”

Only NVIDIA GPUs are designed and certified to boost the performance of Adobe Creative Suite 5 Production Premium, featuring Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. NVIDIA graphics solutions certified for accelerating Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 include:

Quadro 5000 (new)
Quadro 4000 (new)
Quadro FX 5800
Quadro FX 4800
Quadro FX 4800 for Mac
Quadro FX 3800
Quadro CX
GeForce GTX 470 (new)
GeForce GTX 285

Quadro professional graphics cards are designed and built by NVIDIA to provide industry-leading performance, reliability, compatibility and stability with Adobe Creative Suite 5 Production Premium applications. Adobe and NVIDIA believe that these cards are the right choice in providing the dependability that video professionals require. Adobe and NVIDIA invest substantial engineering hours to provide optimized Quadro solutions for Adobe Premiere Pro, to ensure the best possible user experience.

To learn more about Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, version 5.0.2, and the NVIDIA GPU acceleration inside Premiere Pro CS5, go to //

1Based on tests within Viewperf 11.
2SDI available with Quadro SDI-enabled GPUs and Quadro Digital Video Pipeline solutions.
3Based on 352 CUDA cores for the NVIDIA Quadro 5000 vs. 192 for the Quadro FX 4800.