NVIDIA Control Panel


The NVIDIA® Control Panel is NVIDIA's next generation hardware control application that unlocks the award-winning features of NVIDIA hardware and ForceWare® drivers. The NVIDIA Control Panel was designed by NVIDIA's dedicated user interface team to revolutionize software ease-of-use and ensure that set-up and configuration of your NVIDIA hardware has never been easier.

Featuring innovative multimedia, application, and display management, as well as gaming features, the NVIDIA Control Panel ensures compatibility, stability, and reliability for all NVIDIA platforms. In addition, the NVIDIA Control Panel is architected for Microsoft® Windows Vista and will be fully integrated with the new software infrastructures of its next generation, visually oriented operating system.

ForceWare Unified Driver Architecture provides stability and power while delivering the ultimate graphics and system performance on all applications.

Key Features

  • One control panel for quick access to all of your NVIDIA hardware settings.
  • Simple steps with interactive pictures and descriptions guide you through set-up.
  • Advanced or beginner views for easy customization.
  • Optimal game quality with a real-time 3D quality preview.
  • HDTV quality settings allow you to take advantage of the latest widescreen panels.
  • Patented NVIDIA Unified Driver Architecture (UDA) supports all of your NVIDIA products.
  • Available for download on both Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Vista-based systems.

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