Better Videos and TV


Better Videos Leveraging powerful technology, NVIDIA has made investments in its Media Center implementation to ensure the highest quality consumer viewing experience for television, DVDs, and home movies.

Dedicated Hardware for High-Definition Video
NVIDIA GeForce GPUs-featuring hardware dedicated to video processing-deliver high-definition video, superb picture clarity, and full resolution video enhancement to your Media Center PC. With a GeForce GPU powering your Media Center PC or notebook, you get astonishing, lifelike HD-DVD playback and fluid HD video playback on the PC. Advanced video processing technology eliminates the stuttering, double images, blurring, and "noise" commonly associated with video playback on a PC while delivering precise, vivid colors on any display. Both the GeForce 6 Series and GeForce FX GPUs are "Designed for Media Center Edition" certified to ensure you get unmatched video quality on your Media Center PC.

Superior Television Quality
NVIDIA brings hardware MPEG-2 encoding to Media Center PCs through the "Designed for Media Center Edition" certified NVIDIA NVTV tuner cards. Unlike software encode-based solutions that rely on the CPU, NVIDIA's dedicated hardware solution ensures uninterrupted quality of service for a superior TV viewing experience on Media Center PCs. NVTV-available in single and dual tuners-allows flexible TV viewing and recording options. With dual tuner support, you can record two different shows at once or watch one show while recording another without sacrificing PC performance.

Custom Media Center Software
NVIDIA provides a host of software designed to enhance the video and TV experience for Media Center Edition 2005. Custom settings for Media Center systems allow you to control the color scheme, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, gamma, and digital vibrance of live TV and DVDs all from the simple-to-use Microsoft Media Center remote control. The NVIDIA DVD decoder delivers rich Dolby® Digital surround sound audio and crisp TV and video playback. Additionally, an easy-to-use wizard makes setting up a high-definition or digital TV a breeze bringing a truly cinematic experience to your home PC.

NVIDIA Video Features for Media Center

  • GeForce GPUs featuring dedicated video processing technology
  • NVIDIA NVTV tuners featuring MPEG-2 encoding
  • NVIDIA Extensions for Media Center
  • NVIDIA DVD decoder
  • Easy-to-use setup wizard