Better Photos


Better Photos Microsoft Media Center Edition makes it a snap to organize, find, and view your favorite pictures. With a long history of multimedia innovations, NVIDIA brings its award-winning GeForce display architecture, NVIDIA nForce storage and connectivity, and enhanced color controls to Media Center PCs for the highest quality photo viewing.

Award-Winning Display Architecture
Built on the award-winning GeForce display architecture, GeForce 6 Series, GeForce FX, and GeForce FX Go GPUs bring high-quality RAMDACs to Media Center PCs for crisp image quality and high-resolution photo presentations.

NVIDIA Digital Vibrance Control
Photo Album GeForce GPUs feature NVIDIA® Digital Vibrance Control™ (DVC) technology so you can view your digital photos in unprecedented color clarity. DVC provides color control settings so you can easily adjust the levels of digital vibrance, brightness, contrast, and gamma in your photos.

Advanced Storage Technology
Keep your precious photos and videos safe in case of disk failure with the advanced storage solutions-including NVIDIA RAID disk mirroring and Serial ATA (SATA) disk drive support-of NVIDIA nForce-based PCs.

Digital Media Device Connectivity
NVIDIA nForce-based Media Center PCs feature USB 2.0 connectors to allow you to quickly hook up your digital camera to easily access all of your digital photos.

NVIDIA Photo Feature for Media Center

  • Award-winning GeForce display architecture
  • NVIDIA Digital Vibrance Control
  • NVIDIA nForce storage technology: NVIDIA RAID and SATA support
  • NVIDIA nForce USB 2.0 connectors