NVIDIA Quadro Plex and Landmark Geoprobe: A solution for interpretation and visualization of oil and gas data sets.


The world is estimated to hold about 940 billion barrels of undiscovered oil and natural gas resources, much of it in remote and difficult to reach places, such as deep water, deserts, and arctic environments. Oil & gas companies are looking for technologies to help increase accuracy of exploration and production, while reducing risks and costs.


Drilling for natural resources is now more accurate with Landmark and NVIDIA technologies.

To help geoscientists interpret and visualize regional and large data sets, Landmark, a brand of Halliburton Drilling, Evaluation and Digital Solutions, has a new, highly affordable high-end visualization solution. This new solution from Landmark’s Optimized Computing Solutions and Services features the Verari Systems™ E&P 7500 visualization server, NVIDIA Quadro® Plex 1000 visual computing system and Landmark GeoProbe® software. Available from Landmark’s Optimized Computing Solutions and Services, it offers up to eight AMD Operon® processors, 128 gigabytes of memory and features the NVIDIA Quadro® Plex 1000 visual computing system and has the ability to drive powerful displays such as the Sony SXRD™ 4K projector, with a resolution of eight million pixels.


With this solution, entire regional data sets can be investigated and visualized in vivid detail, highlighting large-scale trends. These trends can be easily missed when having to view identical data in smaller-sized subsets or on single or dual monitor set-ups. Better decisions can be made, resulting in increased production and profitability. Nicholas Purday, Manager of Geological and Geophysical Technologies Solutions at Landmark, comments: “NVIDIA Quadro Plex addresses a real need for geoscientists as it allows standard workstations and servers to drive high-performance, large-scale visualization configurations, enabling geoscientists to interpret their data at its highest resolution, without losing sight of the regional context."

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Image courtesy of Landmark.

Image of Wytch Farm and Wytch Farm dataset provided by BP Exploration and their partners companies, Permier Oil plc, Kerr McGee Resource UK Ltd., ONEPM Ltd., Talisman North Sea Ltd.