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NVIDIA PhysX And CUDA-Based Applications Achieve Over A Million Downloads In Less Than Two Weeks


NVIDIA Corporation:

Varun Dubey
Product PR Manager - India


NVIDIA PhysX And CUDA-Based Applications Achieve Over A Million Downloads In Less Than Two Weeks

NVIDIA GeForce GPUs Deliver Graphics plus Revolutionary New Features That Are Gaining Momentum with Consumers and Developers Alike

SANTA CLARA, CA—SEPTEMBER 18, 2008—Graphics is more than just fast frame rates. And with the introduction of CUDA, a parallel computing language based on C that allows developers to use the power of NVIDIA GeForce GPUs in ways never before possible, graphics have become more immersive and storytelling more unique. Only NVIDIA GeForce GPUs offer the ability to deliver fast frame rates and an awesome immersive experience, which would explain why more than a million downloads of the first ever GeForce Power Pack occurred in less than two weeks. Developers and gamers all agree: GeForce GPU technologies, including PhysX, CUDA, and 3D Stereo, rock!

“Gaming experiences are much more important to me than numbers in a benchmark. It’s not surprising that features like PhysX, Stereo 3D and multi-GPU are so important to me,” wrote user named SIrPauly on, a popular online discussion area for PC users. “I don’t just want to play a game. I want to experience the game and to be immersed.”

GeForce Power Packs are freely available content that allow consumers to experience first-hand new NVIDIA technologies that are fundamentally changing the way applications are designed, played, and experienced. For total immersion, the gaming environment has to “feel” as real as possible, and characters must be able to move and interact with the objects in the environment that have a compelling, dramatic impact on game play. PhysX provides developers the ability to include effects such as trees that bend in the wind and water that ebbs and flows naturally, and include additional objects in the environment that dramatically impact the gaming experience.

“NVIDIA PhysX and CUDA technologies are picking up incredible momentum within the developer community and are becoming the backbone for the development of truly interactive entertainment applications,” said Roy Taylor, vice president of content relations at NVIDIA. “Major game engines such as Unreal Engine 3 and Gamebryo support PhysX technology and we expect more than 20 titles will ship with PhysX support by the end of this year with another 20-25 titles expected in the first quarter of 2009 alone!”
The immersion aspect that GeForce GPUs deliver is showing gamers just how uniquely different their game playing experiences can be.

“Just was playing Warmonger and actually enjoying it!” added Sir Pauly in his Rage3D posting. “I'm checking out my weapon loads and changing weapons under the illusion I was behind cover and, suddenly, a massive explosion, and my cover became rubble with pieces all over the place.........LOL! Sitting duck and ran like hell! That was neat!”

“All I can say is I tried it [PhysX] and I like it!” said user Bamavoo on “Warmonger is pretty cool but I can’t wait to give that football game [Backbreaker] a try.”

“Tornado was a blast! I saw a bot blast a large piece of rubble with a rocket to topple it and flatten another one. My rockets get blown off-course trying to kill a bot. The tornado sucked me out of a broken window and killed me. A good time was had by all!” reported user CaveMan Jim on

Any owner of a GeForce 8-Series or higher GPU can download the first GeForce Power Pack from The second GeForce Power Pack consisting of additional game levels, videos, and demos from a variety of games and applications is expected to be released on September 30, 2008.

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