Data Center Management Tools
Important applications. Industry-standard tools. Now accelerated.
Data Center Management Tools. Important applications. Industry-standard tools. Now accelerated.

Accelerated computing is transforming the data center. In the same power budget and physical footprint, the accelerated data center delivers unprecedented throughput, enabling new discoveries and services for end users. See how the industry standard tools and solutions for data center management built on the Tesla Platform can help you accelerate your data center.

GPU-Accelerated Deep Learning and Cloud Applications

GPU-Accelerated Deep Learning and Cloud Applications

Accelerators are redefining what's possible in the next-gen hyperscale data centers. That's why so many leading cloud service providers rely on GPUs to accelerate demanding workloads like deep learning and video transcode.

Explore the tools and frameworks that are available to help you deploy innovative, responsive services to your users:

cuDNN, NVIDIA's deep learning library


Popular deep learning frameworks, including Caffe, Theano, and Torch

Leading Resource Scheduling and Orchestration Solutions

Leading Resource Scheduling and Orchestration Solutions

Whether you're working with a few nodes or tens of thousands nodes, scheduling jobs and scaling applications in your accelerated data center is simplified with Apache Mesos and associated frameworks like Marathon and Chronos.

The upcoming support for GPUs in Mesos means you'll be able to deploy multi-tenant applications, elastically scale resources based on application needs, provide built-in fault tolerance, and simplify overall resource management to maximize data center efficiency.

Learn more about GPU support in Apache Mesos and DCOS


Read the blog from Mesosphere on GPU support

Comprehensive Infrastructure Management Solutions

Comprehensive Infrastructure Management Solutions

NVIDIA Data Center GPU Manager makes managing the accelerated data center easier than ever before--maximizing uptime, streamlining administration overhead, and boosting efficiencies. It includes active health monitoring, diagnostics, system notifications, governance policies, and enhanced power management.

Learn more about Data Center GPU Manager

Deploy Applications Faster in Any Infrastructure

Deploy Applications Faster with Docker Containers

Container solutions like Docker give developers the flexibility to deploy in any environment with ease. Docker support for GPU accelerators frees GPU users to focus on development and enables you to improve cluster throughout.

Learn more about deploying applications on GPUs through Docker container

Enterprise Services for Tesla

Enterprise Services for Tesla

Enterprise Services provide comprehensive support solution for NVIDIA software on Tesla-accelerated systems. Quarterly maintenance releases, priority resolution of critical issues, access to NVIDIA technical experts, and on-site consultation and training services help you maximize the uptime and efficiency of your GPU-accelerated data center.

Learn more about Enterprise Services

Server Vendors to Meet Your Need

Server Vendors to Meet Your Need

Whatever your workload requirements are, there's a server to meet your computational needs. Tesla M40 and M4 GPU accelerators are purpose-built for cloud applications, and broad offerings from server providers give you the flexibility to deploy exactly what you need.

Learn more about server vendors supporting NVIDIA Tesla M40 and M4

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