GeForce FX Facts

There are


floating point operations per second in the pixel shader alone. That...

  • Can render >100 Jurassic Park dinosaurs at 100 frames per second.

  • Is more floating point power than a Cray SV-1 supercomputer.

  • Is 30 times Infinite Reality geometry power!

  • Is 5 times the projected world population in 2050!

  • Is 120 times the distance from the Earth to the Moon, if converted to meters.

  • Is 2 times the volume of wine produced in the entire world in 1998, if converted to liters.

The number of transistors in NVIDIA's next-generation GPU:


That is...

  • 3 times the size of a Pentium 4 microprocessor!

  • 35 times the size of NVIDIA's RIVA 128 GPU, released just five years ago!

  • 3.9 years, if you took one second to count every transistor.

  • 4.5 times the population of Tokyo, Japan!

  • If converted to US Dollar bills and placed end-to-end, would stretch from New York to Hong Kong.

  • More than the number of people in the entire world who speak French or German.