NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 485M delivers an awesome gaming experience and is the highest performing notebook GPU in the world. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 485M, provides the ultimate notebook gaming experience.

Not satisfied with the fastest single-GPU notebook in the world? Double up. With NVIDIA® SLI® technology, two GeForce GPUs work inparallel for up to 2x more performance on today's hottest games. Learn more >

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Gaming is becoming more and more realistic. NVIDIA® PhysX™ technology enables a totally new class of physical gaming interaction for a more dynamic and realistic gaming experience - filled with lifelike explosions, natural water, and cloth that drapes and tears naturally. GeForce GTX notebook GPUs come with out-of-the-box support for these new class of PhysX-accelerated games. Learn more >

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What else can you do with a new GTX notebook GPU besides gaming? NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology unlocks the power of the GPU's processor cores to accelerate the most demanding system tasks - such as video transcoding - delivering incredible performance improvements over traditional CPUs. Learn more >

Bring the latest Blu-ray movies to life with NVIDIA® PureVideo® HD technology. Sharp images, smooth video transitions, and vibrant colors are reproduced on screen using very little power. Learn more >

And for the creatively-inclined, Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 allows you to work with the canvas in faster, more intuitive ways using the power of the GPU - rotate, zoom, pan, and resize brushes in real-time. Learn more >

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Ultimate Notebook Gaming, bar none - extreme resolution, extreme FPS.
Sacrifice nothing in the name of gaming glory.

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