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Games: No One Lives Forever 2


Developer: Monolith
Publisher: Fox Interactive / Sierra Entertainment
ESRB: Pending
Street Price: TBA
Genre: First-person Shooter

The anticipated sequel to the original game, No One Lives ForeverTM 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s WayTM is a humorous story-driven first-person shooter featuring the beautiful but deadly UNITY operative Cate Archer.

H.A.R.M. is back with only one obstacle to thwart their quest for world domination: Cate Archer, the beautiful but deadly UNITY operative who foiled their last nefarious plot. The world’s most deadly assassins are summoned with one simple objective. They must kill Cate Archer.

Meanwhile, the United States has uncovered a top secret Soviet project that, if successful, could bring about a third World War. Can Cate avert a nuclear holocaust and simultaneously stay out of H.A.R.M.’s way?

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NVIDIA: For first person shooter fanatics, what would you like to say about NOLF2 that makes it fresh and new?
Chris Miller, Fox Interactive: I'll tell you what NOLF 2 is, it's funny! That's what I believe will draw people to it. It's a game with an incredibly rich story line, great characters that are not easily forgotten and a sense of style that will keep gamers coming back again and again to find all the subtle gems in this title.

NVIDIA: Tell me more about the gameplay... I understand the game is primarily a single player experience but is there a multiplayer co-op mode?
Craig Hubbard, Monolith Productions: Yes, it's primarily a single player experience. Our goal is to make players feel like the hero of a '60s spy movie, with all the exotic locales, dastardly villains, and hair-raising adventures one would expect.

We've also opted to include a cooperative multiplayer mode, partly because it capitalizes on all the hard work we've done to make a satisfying single player game and partly because no one else is doing it. Fortunately for us, we've taken a very systems-oriented approach this time around, so adding more players into the game is a lot easier than it would have been in a heavily scripted title like NOLF. Players will assume the roles of UNITY agents whose missions dovetail with Cate's: either arriving ahead of her to gather intelligence or going in afterward to mop up.

NVIDIA: The LithTech Engine is looking fantastic. Please describe some of the technology enhancements available in NOLF2.
Craig: Jupiter features a completely new hardware T&L renderer that handles roughly 30-60 times the detail of the first game. That doesn't just mean higher polygon counts, but also a lot more interactivity. You can turn lights on and off, search through desk drawers and filing cabinets, create disturbances by ringing chimes or knocking over bottles, and so on. We also have new player physics, an incredibly robust goal-based AI system, new particle systems, and all kinds of other stuff.

NVIDIA: Why will GeForce4 Ti owners have a fantastic experience playing NOLF2?
Craig: Mainly because they don't have to compromise. They can have all the detail settings on high without any worries. I think our water looks great on the minimum system because of the cubic environment-mapped polygrids, but with bump mapping it's really spectacular.

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