Game: Microsoft Flight Simulator: A Century of Flight


Developer: Microsoft Publisher: Microsoft        

The 20th anniversary edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator celebrates the first 100 years of powered flight while continuing the traditions of realism, technological innovation, and richness that have delighted aviation enthusiasts and pilots around the world and made Microsoft Flight Simulator one of the best-selling entertainment titles ever produced for the PC.

Celebrate the Past
Take the controls of nine aircraft that changed the world, and re-create aviation history first-hand. Can you handle the first airplane the underpowered, unstable 1903 Wright Flyer? Or master the unruly flight characteristics of the Ryan NYP Spirit of St. Louis that Charles Lindbergh flew nonstop from New York to Paris in 1927?

Microsoft Flight Simulator: A Century of Flight challenges you to blaze trails across continents as a pioneering airline pilot in a Ford Trimotor or DC-3, to hold your course over oceans in a lumbering Vickers Vimy biplane or a sleek DH 88 Comet racer, to show off your aerobatic skills in a barnstormer's Curtiss JN-4 Jenny, to set distance and speed records in a Lockheed Vega, and to fly low and slow with only a compass to guide you in a 1930s-era Piper Cub.

You'll learn about each remarkable airplane and the events that made it famous through interactive articles, detailed aircraft handbooks, and historically accurate flights that let you retrace and experience first-hand many of the most important milestones in the history of aviation.

Explore the Present
Jump back into the modern world and take command of 15 contemporary aircraft, from a basic Cessna 172 Skyhawk SP to the massive Boeing 747-400, and see if you have the right stuff to fly in today's complex world of air traffic control clearances, dynamic weather, and crowded skies.

Microsoft Flight Simulator: A Century of Flight brings today's aviation world to life through the latest developments in graphics and computing technology. Watch the weather change as you use high-tech navigation equipment to travel across realistic, detailed landscapes to more than 23,000 airports around the world. Fly "in the system" with interactive air traffic control, or strike out on your own in a Cessna Caravan amphibian to remote mountain lakes. This latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator includes all the aircraft and features from Flight Simulator 2002 (including FS2002 Professional Edition) that have made it the leading aviation simulation-plus major improvements, including a new dynamic weather system, fully interactive, 3D virtual cockpits, and updated interactive air traffic control.

Microsoft Flight Simulator: A Century of Flight is an historic release for one of the most long-lived franchises (over 20 years) in the history of the PC. The theme of this version-the celebration of the first century of powered flight-is supported by Microsoft Flight Simulator's sponsorship of EAA's Countdown to Kitty Hawk project, part of the commemoration of the Wright brothers' first powered flights on December 17, 1903.