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Game: Command & Conquer Generals


Developer: Electronic Arts Publisher: Electronic Arts        

Modern Warfare for your PC Command & Conquerâ„¢ Generals puts your trigger finger on the pulse of modern warfare. Choose a General in control of massive armies of bleeding-edge military weaponry across a globe teetering on the brink of Armageddon. Command either the mighty U.S. Army, the Chinese war machine or the resourceful Global Liberation Army, each packed with high-tech arsenals ready to deliver unprecedented firepower on land or in the skies. Prepare your forces, Commander... it's time to engage in the next generation of 3D real-time strategy -- Command & Conquer Generals .

Modern Military Warfare
Unleash your fury using modern and near-future military weaponry on the bleeding-edge of technology. Wage real-time war in more ways than ever before, with thrilling air-to-air duels, urban combat, and an enhanced veterancy model.

Three Ways to Dominate
Command one of three unique armies inspired by real-world ideologies: the high-tech US force, the swarming Chinese war machine, or the resourceful Global Liberation Army.

Advanced Player Vetrancy
As General, smart decisions and victories over your enemies will gain you experience points. These points can then be allocated to unlocking new units and weapons of mass destruction. State-of-the-art 3D Engine
Experience Command & Conquer in unprecedented detail as you battle it out in full 3D on urban cityscapes, rugged deserts and frozen wastelands. Real-time strategy never looked so sharp!

Battle Honors
It's not about wins anymore, it's about medals you earn. Players can now collect "Battle Honors" as the progress through the solo and multiplayer game. These medals are based on conquering parts of the game or employing a unique type of strategy to achieve an objective during a mission. All medals will be displayed next to a players name for bragging rights when they are logged in for online play.

Multiplayer Madness
Wreak havoc online, either cooperatively with 8 or your friends or go head-to-head in all-out global domination with a multitude of other players.

New features include:

  • Advanced filtering options
  • Team Quick Matching
  • Instant Video Replay
  • Personal Ladders
  • Observer mode