Games: Dungeon Siege


Developer: Gas Powered Games
Publisher: Microsoft
ESRB: Teen
Street Price: 49.99
Genre: Role-Playing

Dungeon Siege® is designed to revolutionize 3D Role-Playing Games. This requires taking advantage of the latest and greatest in 3D hardware. NVIDIA® and Gas Powered Games® continue to push the boundaries of stunning graphics and fluid realism.  Full Scene Antialiasing makes the visuals look smoother than ever, while the increased polygon count allows us to deliver the richness of a living fantasy world. Hardware transform and lighting (T&L) enhances the experience from top to bottom, leaving the CPU free to create smarter artificial intelligenc (AI) and more cunning opponents.  With the new GeForce4 MX, almost every aspect of the experience jumps to the next level, and allows us to deliver the next generation in interactive entertainment.
Become Immersed in a 3D World
The world of Dungeon Siege is one gigantic, continuous environment where you can seamlessly journey from the highest mountain to the deepest dungeon without ever stopping to watch a "loading screen". Filled with a myriad of amazing locations and awe-inspiring vertical landscapes -from lush forests to desert canyons to ice caverns and more -you'll soon become totally immersed in the fantasy of the world that surrounds you.
Intense Game Play-Dungeon Siege Style
Dungeon Siege pushes the role-playing game (RPG) envelope with fully animated 3D characters, over-the-top battles, and intense special effects. With true 3D environments, a particle system for effects and spells, and hand-crafted dungeons that can extend in all three dimensions, Chris Taylor and Gas-Powered Games are taking the RPG genre to the next level.
Adventure on a new scale
Players can customize their party to include up to eight characters. There are no rules or restrictions, and the player can have any combination of fighters, archers and magic users.  Characters join your party as they journey throughout the world - some are hired, others are rescued. Lead your party into epic battles against a range of enemies - from marauding hordes to monsters of a scale that must be seen to be believed.
Action & Adventure Without the Wait
Dungeon Siege is engaging, yet easy to understand; action packed, yet easy to control; deep and involving, yet quick to learn. Get into the action quickly, without complex decisions. Since your character develops all the skills you'll need to win as you adventure, you don't have too worry about making too many decisions up front. With a simple learning curve and no complex puzzles, you can concentrate on doing the fun stuffbattling monsters, exploring dungeons, and advancing your character.
Full Multiplayer Support
Dungeon Siege will support up to eight players via LAN or the Internet. Also included is ZoneMatch, an in-game matchmaking service that allows players to find others to play with around the world, any time of day or night. Play through the original campaign map with friends, or start a new adventure in the specially designed multiplayer world.  Both  worlds combined offer over a hundred hours of gameplay.

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