Sustainability Report


At Nvidia

NVIDIA makes a positive impact in the world through our inventions and our commitment to market-leading business practices.


Our efforts to drive environmental, social, and ethical principles across the company have been recognized by leading organizations, such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the CDP (previously known as the Carbon Disclosure Project).

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Improving Driver Safety

Globally, some 1.2 million people die each year from auto accidents. We are within reach of a world where cars could detect their surroundings and dramatically increase safety. Learn more about the role NVIDIA is playing in this important technological shift.

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auto accidents
each year
Advances in Medicine
with Deep Learning

Faster, more accurate diagnoses. Predicting disease risk before symptoms appear. Understanding how genetic variations lead to disease. Deep learning is transforming the world of medicine. Read More.


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deep learning vs CPU
Supporting Social Entrepreneurs

Global startups are using GPUs to address humanitarian and environmental challenges. NVIDIA supports and promotes these innovators through our developer ecosystem, our Social Innovation Award and our extensive communications channels.

Accelerating the
Search for a Cure

Using deep learning to improve cancer diagnostics. Applying GPUs to optimize adaptive radiation therapy. The NVIDIA Foundation’s Compute the Cure initiative funds researchers who are using innovative computing methods to advance the fight against cancer. With the Foundation’s support and the power of GPUs, important discoveries are being made in months rather than years, like those of Dr. Rommie Amaro, at University of California, San Diego

for research grants
since 2010.
Recognizing Revolutionaries

NVIDIA’s Global Impact Award encourages research institutions worldwide to pursue innovation in the social and humanitarian sphere.

Duke University is our 2016 recipient for its role in bringing 3D stereoscopic technology to eye surgery. Imperial College, of the UK, received honorable mention for its work using deep learning to detect traumatic brain injuries.

recognizing groundbreaking
solutions to key social and
humanitarian challenges
from 14 countries
submitted applications
for the annual award
Protecting the Planet

GPUs are used extensively in environmental science, for monitoring weather, modeling climate change and studying threatened species. And startups are harnessing deep learning to enhance data center efficiency, upgrade recycling efforts, and improve natural disaster management. Read more.


NVIDIA recognizes its responsibility to protect the planet. We design products that are powerful yet energy efficient. We work with our suppliers to evaluate their energy use in making our products. And we’re committing to reducing greenhouse gases by 15 percent per employee by 2020. Learn more about our efforts to improve our environmental practices.

We work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water usage
and waste from our facilities by:
Diversity and Inclusion

We believe an inclusive culture enables us do the best research, create the best products, and build the best company.

We aim to create a workplace where great people can do their best work. Read more.

See how we’re fostering diversity in the GPU ecosystem.

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2015 San Francisco
Pride Parade
2015 parental leave improvements
Birth Mother Policy
Father, Adoptive Parents, Foster Parents Policy
Giving Back to
the Community

The NVIDIA Foundation accelerates solutions to the world’s most pressing issues in health and education. We leverage our employees, partners, technology, and financial resources to advance the fight against cancer and to help youth excel in learning. Learn more about the Foundation and our impact worldwide.