Data Center Management Tools
Important applications. Industry-standard tools. Now accelerated.
Data Center Management Tools. Important applications. Industry-standard tools. Now accelerated.

Accelerated computing is transforming the data center. In the same power budget and physical footprint, the accelerated data center delivers unprecedented throughput, enabling new discoveries and services for end users. See how the industry standard tools and solutions for data center management built on the Tesla Platform can help you accelerate your data center.

Virtualize Any Desktop Application

Virtualize Any Desktop Application

Bring the power of graphics acceleration to enterprise virtualization with NVIDIA GRID™ technology. This solution ensures organization get complete virtual application compatibility, meaning any application that can run in a physical desktop can run in a virtual desktop.

Learn about all the applications that NVIDIA GRID enables

Centralized IT Management

Centralized IT Management

The GRID solution enables the IT manager to control user profiles and flexibly deliver the performance each user needs. IT can use a single console that allows graphics resources to be scheduled in a balanced way, making it easier to deploy and manage accelerated virtual desktops.

Learn more about NVIDIA GRID technology

Deploy Faster in a Virtualized Data Center

Deploy Faster in a Virtualized Data Center

Support for leading enterprise virtualization solutions from Citrix, Microsoft, NICE and VMware makes data center application deployment simpler and faster. NVIDIA GRID vGPU™ allows you to divide and share the GPU among many users allowing IT managers to focus on the application needs and the overall throughput of the data center.

Experience NVIDIA & VMware graphics

Server Vendors to Meet Your Needs

Server Vendors to Meet Your Needs

Whatever your enterprise data center requirements are, there's a server to meet your virtualization needs. NVIDIA GRID 2.0 with Tesla M6 and M60 GPU accelerators are engineered for graphics virtualization, with broad offerings from server providers ensuring that you have the flexibility to deploy exactly what you need.

Learn more about server vendors supporting NVIDIA GRID

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