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DirectCompute for NVIDIA
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Microsoft’s DirectCompute is a new GPU Computing API that runs on NVIDIA’s current CUDA architecture under both Windows VISTA and Windows 7. DirectCompute is supported on current DX10 class GPUs and future DX11 GPUs. It allows developers to harness the massive parallel computing power of NVIDIA GPUs to create compelling computing applications in consumer and professional markets.

As part of the DirectCompute presentation at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) in March 2009 in San Francisco CA, NVIDIA demonstrated three demonstrations running on an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 GPU that is currently available. (see links below)

As a processor company, NVIDIA enthusiastically supports all languages and APIs that enable developers to access the parallel processing power of the GPU. In addition to DirectCompute and NVIDIA’s CUDA C extensions, there are other programming models available including OpenCL™. A Fortran language solution is also in development and is available in early access from The Portland Group.

NVIDIA has a long history of embracing and supporting standards since a wider choice of languages improve the number and scope of applications that can exploit parallel computing on the GPU. With C and Fortran language support here today and OpenCL and DirectCompute available this year, GPU Computing is now mainstream. NVIDIA is the only processor company to offer this breadth of development environments for the GPU.

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DirectCompute Links:

  1. DirectCompute presentation by NVIDIA at GDC 09
  2. NVIDIA developer forum for DirectCompute
  3. NVIDIA's DirectCompute GPU ocean demo
  4. NVIDIA's DirectCompute GPU n-body demo
  5. NVIDIA's DirectCompute GPU particle simulation demo
  6. Microsoft DirectX Developer Center

OpenCL is a trademark of Apple Inc. used under license to the Khronos Group Inc.