A leap forward in exascale computing

The World’s Most Efficient Supercomputer for AI and Deep Learning

The NVIDIA DGX SATURNV taps into the compute power of 125 NVIDIA Pascal-powered DGX-1 server nodes to drive new levels of deep learning and AI analytics. 1,000 NVIDIA Tesla® P100 data center accelerators, coupled with NVIDIA’s deep learning software stack, provide high-performance deep learning training across multiple frameworks to deliver the best results in the shortest time. See the infographic to learn more about DGX SATURNV.

DGX SATURNV is ranked the world’s #1 most efficient supercomputer on the Green500 list and 28th fastest in the Top500.

Solving the World’s Biggest Challenges

Forward-looking companies now have the power to address challenges ranging from business analytics to cancer research and beyond. In fact, SATURNV is playing a critical role in the development of the CANDLE (CANcer Distributed Learning Environment) development platform for the Cancer Moonshot initiative. This program aims to deliver a decade of advances in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment in just five years.

Optimized for AI—and the Environment

Reaching true exascale performance demands exponential increases in power efficiency. DGX SATURNV helps make this possible, while also being a good steward of the environment. Less energy and faster compute mean a smaller data center footprint. What once required a warehouse can now fit in the equivalent of a large conference room.

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Bringing GPU Intelligence to AI

The deeper the network, the more abstract concepts it can learn, and the more intelligent it becomes. It’s the difference between a network being able to simply identify a square and knowing an image is a specific type of cancer cell. DGX SATURNV provides the compute power to train deep neural networks significantly faster and create more intelligent AI.

Unequaled Power for Deep Learning Training

Neural networks are the backbone of artificial intelligence, but training them takes an incredible amount of time and compute power. GPUs help solve this challenge—and DGX SATURNV has 1,000 of the fastest GPUs on the planet. Hundreds of networks can now be trained in parallel, accelerating solutions for some of the world’s hardest problems through AI.

NVIDIA DGX-1 is the heart and soul of DGX SATURNV.

NVIDIA DGX-1 Deep Learning Supercomputer

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