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  • Anark GeForce4 Experience

    Transport yourself to old London and become the Wolfman! This interactive Anark experience is the way 3D is meant to be seen on the web. While there be sure to download the exclusive Wolfman Screensaver!

Demos: Wolfman

Another first for NVIDIA - real-time volumetric fur rendering on a fully animated character model. But this is no cute, furry dog - 61 bones, 100,000 polygons, and eight fur layers make the NVIDIA Wolfman a rendering challenge that makes other graphics cards run away screaming!

While the GeForce4 Ti’s dual programmable Vertex Shaders rip through the task of animating the Werewolf’s skin and fur, the advanced Pixel Shaders of NVIDIA’s nfiniteFX II Engine are shading each individual hair strand using a self-shadowed, per-pixel anisotropic lighting model.


  • Real time volumetric fur rendering
  • Per-pixel anisotropic lighting using Pixel Shaders
  • Matrix palette skinning using Vertex Shaders
  • Fully self-shadowed using shadow maps
  • 8 blended fur layers
  • 61 bones, 4 bones/vertex
  • 97,000 polygons/frame

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