Dynamic Adaptive Speculative Preprocessor (DASP)

CPU core clock rates (MHz speeds) are advancing at an extremely fast pace thanks to recent, deeply pipelined, superscalar CPU architectures. Unfortunately, such speed advances invariably introduce other problems, including pipeline thrashing and stalling, resulting in a severely reduced overall PC system performance.

Through radical latency reduction techniques, NVIDIA has integrated processor-enhancement technology into the NVIDIA nForce™ platform processing architecture's integrated graphics processor (IGP), called DASP, delivering CPU performance beyond its nominal speed grade.

NVIDIA's DASP technology dramatically enhances CPU performance well beyond other X86 architectures—even those with substantially higher "published" core frequencies. DASP applies a patent-pending, intelligent, preprocessing technology that stores application instructions and data before they are needed. This reduces the bottlenecks that occur between memory and the CPU, and graphics and audio subsystems, thereby boosting overall system performance. With DASP technology, users will see performance benefits in virtually all typical business and scientific applications, as well as an increase in overall system and graphics performance.

Key Features