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Case Studies

Take a look at the following examples of companies that have used NVIDIA products to power their successes. From NVIDIA Quadro professional hardware solutions to industry-leading software, NVIDIA provides the innovation and tools that professional studios and companies require.


   Brainstorm Multimedia

Brainstorm Multimedia
Open solutions for virtual sets, on-air graphics, and film production.


Interactive solutions that personalize the viewer experience and provide branding opportunities across all forms of broadcast, interactive, and wireless media.


Real-time 2D and 3D broadcast graphics.

   Right Hemisphere Success Story

NVIDIA and Right Hemisphere:
Unlocking 3D CAD Data for the Enterprise

Right Hemisphere engineering teams take advantage of NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics solutions to develop their software visual communi-cation solutions.

   Big Bear Entertainment Success Story

NVIDIA and Big Bear Entertainment: Latest 3D technology powers the convergence of TV, music and video games.
Animation for games and animation for television are looking much the same to the average viewer these days. Big Bear Entertainment's technological expertise and the latest NVIDIA hardware are helping to bridge the gap as these two content formats continue to converge.

   Frantic Films and NVIDIA

Frantic Films and NVIDIA:
Creating Groundbreaking Visual Effects

Frantic Films uses NVIDIA Quadro® graphics solutions to provide stunning visualizations for both pre- and post-production stages of film production. Their tools and techniques also bring film-quality effects to commercials and other television productions.

   3D Digital Worlds

Blending Reality into 3D Digital Worlds
Learn how Nexus Digital Studios and Motion Analysis Studios utilize NVIDIA Quadro FX graphics to create true-to-life digitized humans and objects for high-end TC broadcasts and feature films.


Zoic Studios
Zoic Studios is a rising star in the digital production business. Directors and writers count on Zoic to take their ideas and create award-winning results. In turn, the artists and software designers at Zoic count on NVIDIA Quadro® FX graphics to help them create a unique style that sets them apart from other digital production studios.

   NVIDIA and Quantum3D: Wearable Visual Computing Solutions

NVIDIA and Quantum3D:
Wearable Visual Computing Solutions

Quantum3D embeds NVIDIA graphics technology to create its man-wearable and vehicle-based Quantum3D® THERMITE™ tactical visual computer (TVC) for in-field mission rehearsals and other training operations.


NVIDIA and the Celestia Program:
A Window into the Universe

A powerful open-source astronomy program for 3D visualization, Celestia is optimized to deliver stunning image quality with NVIDIA Quadro® and NVIDIA GeForce™ graphics solutions.


NASA Mars Rover
NASA’s 2004 mission to Mars deployed two golf cart sized rovers equipped with cameras and scientific instruments for viewing and analyzing the surface. Mission scientists need a fail-safe way to plan the movements of the rovers, ensure successful operation, and maximize knowledge gained. NASA scientists chose professional computer graphics technology from NVIDIA Corporation to meet this need.

   Northeast Utilities

Northeast Utilities
Northeast Utilities, New England's largest energy delivery system, Explains how NVIDIA's UDA enables the manageability, flexibility, and stability necessary to support the company's desktop PCs.