NVIDIA Announces Quadro DCC Graphics Solution for 3D Content Creators

NVIDIA and Discreet Fashion the Ultimate Productivity Tool for 3ds max 4 Users 

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Santa Clara, CA – May 14, 2001 – NVIDIA® Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA) announced today Quadro DCCTM, the premiere professional graphics solution certified for real-time character animation, next-generation game development, and visual effects production. This new solution from NVIDIA features built-in support for programmable vertex shader and programmable pixel shader technology, enabling real-time rendering of a virtually infinite palette of special effects - unlocking the power of digital content creation software, such as 3ds max TM 4, Discreet TM's award-winning 3D modeling, animation and rendering program. ELSA® will sell the Quadro DCC as the ELSA GLoria TM DCC exclusively through Discreet's vast network of 3ds max resellers.

"NVIDIA, ELSA and Discreet are working together to provide content creators with the most advanced real-time, interactive rendering solution in the world," said Dan Vivoli, senior vice president of marketing at NVIDIA. "The combination of the Quadro DCC and Discreet's 3ds max 4 solution is the definitive reference platform for game developers, Xbox developers and other digital 3D content professionals."

"The Quadro DCC and 3ds max 4 combination is a true powerhouse for the Digital Content Creation market," said Phillip Miller, senior director of Discreet software products. "Discreet's mission is to deliver CG professionals the industry's best tools while bringing them even closer to their final output – and this solution helps us achieve that goal for 3D animation."

The Quadro DCC is a revolutionary workstation graphics processing unit (GPU) featuring NVIDIA's nfiniteFXTM engine that gives developers the ability to program a virtually infinite number of special effects and customs looks, and review the results instantaneously. Instead of forcing developers to choose from the same hard-coded palette of effects resulting in the same generic look and feel, artists can now specify personalized combinations of graphics operations to create their own custom effects while receiving feedback on the changes they have made in real time. The NVIDIA Quadro DCC is the only professional workstation graphics solution that fully enables current-generation professional DCC applications, such as 3ds max 4, to exploit programmable vertex and pixel shaders.

Uniquely customized for game artists and 3D content creation professionals who require the latest professional solutions, the Quadro DCC utilizes NVIDIA's ELSA MAXtreme application driver that significantly improves 3ds max performance and adds key enhancements to the 3ds max scene–rendering window. Quadro DCC includes the numerous features unique to the Quadro family of workstation products such as performance tuning for DirectX and OpenGL professional applications, OpenGL overlay support, performance optimizations for AMD®- and Intel®-based workstation configurations, advanced back-buffered memory management, and certification support for professional applications. The Quadro DCC is also the sole workstation product that is fully compliant with both DirectX 8.1 and the OpenGLTM 1.2 Installable Client Driver.

"The DCC market is one of the fastest growing with sales forecasted of over $850 million in 2003 and a compound annual growth rate of 18.7%. As a consequence, NVIDIA is moving aggressively into this multi-platform market," said Dr. Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie Associates (www.jpa.com). "With advanced technology such as programmable vertex and pixel shaders, NVIDIA is uniquely positioned to capture a significant portion of this rapidly expanding market.

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