3D Vision

The natural evolution of next generation games, photographs, and movies is 3D so it’s no coincidence that development of 3D content for the PC is exploding. Because of its flexible and open nature, the 3D PC has the most available and diverse 3D content compared to any other platform (3D TVs and movie theaters).

NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ PCs are at the core of the 3D content ecosystem, enabling the single largest consumer base of 3D PC users worldwide. In addition, NVIDIA works directly with key content developers to create the best possible user experience for your 3D PC.

NVIDIA 3D Vision wired glasses - the most affordable 3D Vision glasses ever, with the same great features and 3D quality.
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3D Content
Nearly all of today’s PC games are developed using 3D worlds and models, which allow them to be converted into 3D. NVIDIA 3D Vision PCs support over 400 PC games today and will continue to grow each month with each new driver release from NVIDIA. 3D takes gaming to the next level of immersion and gamers are truly excited about being able to play their new and existing PC games in 3D. By working directly with game developers, NVIDIA 3D Vision supported games are automatically converted and look amazing in 3D.
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With the invention of simple point and shoot 3D cameras like the Fuji FinePix REAL 3D W1, taking your own 3D photos has never been easier. Right now, 3D Vision PCs are the best way to view your photos in full resolution and full color 3D. After seeing your own photo in 3D, you will realize that 3D is the only way to capture your most timeless moments with breathtaking results.
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Naturally, one of the most compelling uses of the 3D PC is Hollywood movies. The vast popularity of James Cameron’s: AVATAR proved that 3D takes film to the next level and creates a whole new immersive experience. The quality viewing experience on the 3D Vision PC is like no other and introduces the concept of your own personal 3D Movie Theater. Imagine watching the latest releases of 3D movies wherever and whenever you want … on a plane, in your family room, coffee shop, bedroom or den.
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Streaming 3D content on the internet is growing quickly. NVIDIA 3D Vision PCs users have already experienced The Masters golf tournament streaming in 3D and users should expect a number of sporting events to be available this year.
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3D provides a unique medium for artists and directors to entertain, educate, or inspire their audience. There are a number of independent film makers who have created 3D videos and 3D Vision PC users have access to view them free of charge.
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